27.03.02 Quality management

Quality management in production and technological systems

4 years

About the program

Quality management is an science of principles, methods and tools of quality management including totality of legal knowledge, practical activities of managers and training system for them. One of the quality management principles adopted in ISO 9000: 2010 is “continual improvement of the entire organization’s activities, which should be seen as an enduring goal”. As already mentioned, a quality system is a set of managers of an enterprise and departments who perform their functions in this system by established methods.The area of ​​professional activity includes: software, research, implementation and support in the organization of all types of activities and all forms of ownership of quality management systems, covering all processes of the organization, improving the quality of all its employees in time and aimed at achieving long-term success and sustainability of the organization's functioning.

Learning outcomes

  • Production and technological activities;
  • development of new, more effective quality management tools;
  • technological foundations required for formation of product and service quality;
  • organizational and managerial activities;
  • formation of a strategic business plan, a vision, a mission and strategies necessary for the effective operation of the quality management system and the implementation of quality goals;
  • practical use of cost indicators providing product quality;
  • design and engineering skills;
  • development of modern methods for quality management systems designing, formation of project goals, criteria and indicators for achieving goals;
  • design and improvement of communication processes for the development and implementation of engineering management methods;
  • processes design to develop quality improvement strategies.

Career opportunities

Your skills will allow you to get a job:
In state and local self-government bodies; in various fields of economic and entrepreneurial activity; at enterprises dealing with the certification of products and management systems, audit activity; in insurance companies.
The position of the future graduate will be entitled approximately as follows: Quality Control Specialist, Quality System Auditor, Specialist of Development Department, Specialist of the Department of Standardization and Description of Business Processes, Specialist of Technical Control.
The partner enterprises of of the direction are large companies and organizations of the city of Irkutsk and the region as a whole: Certification Association “Russian Register”, JSC "Angarsk Petrochemical Company", OJSC "Irkutskenergo", JIndustrial Association "Irkutsk Heavy Machinery Plant", Irkutsk Aviation Plant - an affiliate of Irkut Corporation, JSC "Trud", PJSC Gazprom.


Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Department of History and Philosophy
Assistant, Teaching and Learning Specialist: Department of Automation and Control
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Department of History and Philosophy
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Department of History and Philosophy
Associate Professor: Department of Materials Science, Welding and Additive Technology

Fees and funding

182 100 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take a computer entrance exam in Russian or provide CEFR level B1, TORFL level 1 or equivalent to the Russian-taught program.

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