11.03.02 Infocommunication technologies and communication systems

Multichannel telecommunications systems

4 years

About the program

It is difficult to imagine the modern world without reliable and fast information transmission systems. Infocommunication technologies are a set of technical means for transmitting information over a distance. They combine information and telecommunication technologies. You will become a specialist in the field of the analog, digital and optical information transmission systems after receiving an education in this area. Students study the basics of building and designing telecommunication systems and networks, the principles of their operation. Infocommunication technologies are literally all modern types of electrical and radio communications: fiber-opitic telecommunication lines , traditional and cellular telephones, satellite communication and navigaion systems, high-speed computer networks, digital television and much more.

Learning outcomes

  • Practical skills in operating various telecommunication equipment;
  • Skills in automation of computing and applying information technologies;
  • Knowledge in network technologies for high-speed data transmission;
  • Ability to design and build fiber-optic systems;
  • Practical skills in the use of Internet of things (IoT) technologies;
  • Ability to carry out project activities;
  • Skills in programming of information-measuring systems.

Career opportunities

Specialists in multichannel telecommunications systems are able to work at any communication enterprises such as celluar and satellite communication companies, companies providing services of high-speed access to the Internet, industrial and transportation enterprises and institutions using infocommunication wired and wireless networks. Graduates can continue their studies in the magistracy and receive at INRTU a master's degree in the field of radio engineering and telecommunication systems.


Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Professor: Department of Radioelectronics and Telecommunication Systems
Head of the Laboratory: Catalysis and Organic Synthesis Lab
Senior Teacher: Base Department of Radioelectronics and Telecommunication Systems

Fees and funding

182 100 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take a computer entrance exam in Russian or provide CEFR level B1, TORFL level 1 or equivalent to the Russian-taught program.

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