Department of Radioelectronics and Telecommunication Systems

Our department has its current name since 2011, when the students' admission for bachelor's degree on the program "Radio Engineering" and "Infocommunication technologies and communication systems" began. In 2017, in connection with the creation of the Institute of High Technologies, the department was introduced into its structure and continued implementing bachelor's and master's degree programs. The department backgrounds are the study of the radio waves propagation, creation of modern automated measuring systems, study of cosmic rays, study of the relationship of electromagnetic fields with seismicity, study of promising types of modulation of radio signals, geo- and hydroacoustics. Students are trained at the department by highly qualified teachers, including 4 doctors of sciences, 12 candidates of sciences, 4 corresponding members of branch academies.

Key personnel

Teaching staff

Educational programs

Training period
Training period
4 years
Training period
Training period
2 years

Research projects

  • Remote diagnostics of the lower ionosphere in the ultra-long wavelength range
  • Lightning direction finding
  • Robotic catamaran for environmental monitoring
  • Scientific research expeditions to Lake Baikal
  • Development of the physical foundations of plasma-optical mass separation for isotope separation and production of high-purity substances
  • Production of thin films and heterostructures of micro- and nanomaterials

New releases

Institute of Solar-Terrestrial Physics SB RAS
The main areas of scientific activity of the Institute are solar physics, study of its structure and activity, physics of solar flares and coronal mass ejections, study of the evolution of the Sun, structure of solar magnetic fields and coronal plasma, physics of the magnetosphere, ionosphere and upper atmosphere, the study of magnetospheric-ionospheric-atmospheric-lithospheric bonds etc.
Rostelecom Company
Rostelecom Company is a Russian provider of digital services and services. It provides broadband Internet access, interactive television, cellular communication, local and long-distance telephone communication, etc. It occupies a leading position in the Russian market of high-speed Internet access, pay TV, data storage and processing, as well as cybersecurity.
MTS - Mobile TeleSystems, PJSC
MTS "Mobile TeleSystems", headquartered in Moscow, is the largest mobile network operator in Russia, operating on GSM, UMTS and LTE standards. Apart from cellular network, the company also offers local telephone service, broadband, mobile television, cable television, satellite television and digital television.
As of Q1 2021, the company serves over 84.9 million subscribers in Russia, Armenia and Belarus.
Russian metrological institute of technical physics and radioengineering
VNIIFTRI is a state scientific metrological institute that conducts fundamental and applied research on metrology and ensuring the uniformity of measurements, creation and improvement of state standards, development of new measurement methods. VNIIFTRI performs the functions of the state service of time and frequency, and also ensures the development, improvement, maintenance, comparison and application of State primary standards of units of Quantities.
L.A.Melentiev Energy Systems Institute (SB RAS)
It is a research institute of scientific interest in theory of creation and management of energy systems, complexes and installations, scientific basis and mechanisms for implementation of energy policy of Russia and its regions, including ensuring reliability of fuel and energy supply and energy security.
TransTeleCom Company
TransTeleCom Company company is one of the main providers of communication services for operators and the largest corporations in Russia, as well as one of the leaders among providers of broadband Internet access, television and telephony services for end users in the regions. TTK operates and maintains a fiber-optic communication line with a length of more than 78,000 km and a capacity of more than 4.2 Tbit/s. The transcontinental highway TTK EurasiaHighway has connections to the communication networks of almost all neighboring countries, including China, Japan, Mongolia, the DPRK, Finland, the Baltic States and the CIS, and is the optimal route between Europe and Asia
Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network
It is a Russian state-owned company, operator of the country's terrestrial television and radio transmission network. RTRS is included in the list of strategic enterprises of Russia. Irkutsk Radio and Television Center RTRS is a division of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network, the main operator of digital terrestrial and analog terrestrial television and radio broadcasting of the Irkutsk region. Broadcasting is conducted from 152 communication facilities. 20 digital terrestrial TV channels in the DVB-T2 standard are available to 95.66% of residents of the region

Outstanding graduates

Igor Rymorenko
Government of the Irkutsk region / Minister of Digital Development and Communications
graduate of 1996