Department of Heat Power Engineering

Heat power engineering is a special scope of activity that ensures the strategic and socio-economic development of the regions and the state as a whole. At the same time, heat power engineers make our lives comfortable by providing homes with heat and light. They are required to acquire universal competencies to design, create and maintain the smooth, safe operation of energy production, transformation and distribution systems, taking into account environmental requirements. Since 1971, the Department of Heat Power Engineering at Irkutsk Polytechnic University has been training highly qualified specialists capable of working in various fields of industry. The Department makes a significant contribution to the development of the energy industry and housing and communal services not only in our region. Over 50 years we've trained about 5000 engineers working in Russia, as well as in neighboring and distant foreign countries. Not only successful power engineers, but also top managers of large companies, designers, ecologists, politicians and businessmen are among the graduates of the department.

Key personnel

Educational programs

Training period
Training period
4 years
Training period
Training period
2 years

Research projects

Governmental Project on Improvement of efficiency and reliability of heat and power systems

The main directions of scientific work at the Department of TE are:
development of environmentally friendly thermal power plants and boiler plants;
  • Sustainable Use of Fuel and Energy Resources;
  • Mathematical Modeling of Physical and Technological Processes;
  • Methodological Problems and System Research in Power Engineering;
  • Energy saving at the Power Engineering Enterprises and Industry;
  • Use of Blowing Ventilation for Heating the Main Building of TPPs;
  • Increase of the TPP Boiler Units Efficiency;
  • Development and investigation of the explosion-proof dust preparation systems for the boiler units of the thermal power plants;
  • Research of the Heat and Mass-Exchange in the Physical and Technical Systems of the Power Engineering Industry;
  • Sorption Methods of the Water and Wastewater Treatment;
  • Investigation of the Power Boilers Explosion Characteristics;
  • Combustion of the Non-Design Fuels in the Furnaces of the Boilers at the TPP of LLC BEC;
  • System Evaluation of Fuel Supply Efficiency.

New releases

It is a Russian energy company, the country's largest private power company in terms of installed capacity. The company manages Russia's big energy enterprises and serves more than 15 million consumers. The total installed capacity under the company's management is 19.5 GW of electric power and 17,570 Gcal/h of thermal energy; the company's share in the Russian electric power market is about 9%.
EuroSibEnergo - INRTU
EuroSibEnergo-INRTU Corporate Training and Research Center
assumes that students receive additional theoretical knowledge
and practical skills, which allows to reduce the period of adaptation
of a young specialist at production facilities.
-3 computer classrooms, 2 lecture rooms and a conference room. All classrooms are equipped with multimedia projectors and screens;
-Relay Protection and Automatics Lab
-Electrotechnical Lab
-Thermal Engineering Equipment Operation Conditions Research Lab
-Metal Control of Thermal Power Engineering Department Lab

Outstanding graduates

Sergey Emdin
Demetra-Holding LLC / CEO
graduate of 2008
Oleg Prichko
OAO Irkutskenergo / CEO
graduate of 1985, 2008
Sergey Malinkin
Deputy Minister of Municipal Housing Policy and Energy of the Irkutsk region
graduate of 2003
Maksim Modin
Shelekhov district of the Irkutsk region / Mayor
graduate of 2003