Reports in the field of intelligent power systems were presented by INRTU employee Konstantin Suslov at the international forum of South Africa

INRTU employee Konstantin Suslov spoke at the International Conference on Electrical, Computer and Energy Technologies (ICECET) forum.

The scientist supervised the work of one of the sections and presented reports in the field of intelligent power systems. The conference was held at the end of last year in Cape Town. The presented research results are relevant within the framework of the implementation of the federal Program "Priority 2030" in the direction of i.DIT.

ICECET is an annual discussion platform dedicated to the problems of electrical, energy and computer technologies. The event was organized by Aksaray University (Turkey), Cape Town and Johannesburg Universities (South Africa). Due to the pandemic, the forum was held online.

The participants of the meeting discussed local problems of the functioning of systems, achievements in the design of energy complexes and their control algorithms.

In addition, an employee of the university made two reports. The co-authors of the materials are specialists of the Institute of Energy Research of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Moscow), R.E. Alekseev NSTU (Nizhny Novgorod), BrSU (Bratsk), IrGUPS.

One of the presentations introduces an analysis of algorithms for digital processing of current and voltage signals used in measuring (evaluating) power flow parameters in electric power systems (EPS).

"As a rule, it is difficult to establish contacts, which can develop into cooperation, on online forums. However, we were lucky – together with British, German and African colleagues, we launched a WhatsApp chat on scientific interests. I hope that in the future we will publish joint articles".