INRTU hosted the first iPolytech seminar project in the field of power engineering

Irkutsk Polytechnic University for the first time hosted the iPolytech seminar in the energy sector. The event took place in the conference hall on 31 May

The keynote speaker was Pavel Ilyushin (Moscow), Head of the Centre for Smart Electricity Systems and Distributed Energy at IEI RAS.

Opening the seminar, Rector of INRTU Mikhail Kornyakov said that last year the university presented an updated scientific journal iPolytech Journal, which publishes the results of applied research in mechanical engineering, energy and metallurgy.

"As part of the iPolytech seminar, we intend to attract leading scientists, specialists. Scientific centres and laboratories of Polytechnic will be actively involved in the development of promising areas presented at the seminar," says the rector.

Pavel Ilyushin, Doctor of Engineering, presented a report on 'Ensuring Reliable Power Supply to Consumers from Own Distribution Generation'. As part of the forum, he and his colleagues discussed problematic issues and solutions.

Pavel Ilyushin spoke about the current situation in ensuring reliable electricity supply. Currently, there is high wear and tear of generating and power grid equipment in the Unified Energy System of Russia, especially in distribution grids. The number of accidents with severe consequences for consumers is growing. As an example, he cited a local accident that occurred on 14 July 2016, which resulted in the separation of the power district with Iriklinskaya HPP and Buribayevskaya SPP into an island operation mode with an industrial load.

In addition, representatives of St. Petersburg Mining University, Kazan State Energy University, and Bratsk State University connected online. The report interested employees of Novosibirsk State Technical University and Sayano-Shushensky branch of Siberian Federal University.