Department of Architecture and Urban Planning

The Department was founded in 1973 as a general educational department of architecture. The Department was renamed several times. In 1984-2003 it was called Department of Constructions of Buildings and Structures (head of the department was V.I. Otroshchenko, candidate of technical sciences). It specialized in training architects in "Constructions of civil and industrial buildings" and "Architectural physics", and civil engineers in "History of Architecture" and "Basics of architectural constructions of buildings and structures". In 2003, the Department gets a new vector of development and is renamed to the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning headed by Professor Andrey G. Bolshakov. Since 2009, the team of the department begins training masters majoring in Urban Planning, in 2014 - the first enrolment of bachelors of the same major. Since 2013 and up to now the head of the Department is Evgeniia Puliaevskaia, candidate of architecture, Associate Professor. Currently, the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning has the status of the graduating department of majors 07.03.04 Urbanistics, and 07.04.04 Urbanistics, Bachelor's program on Urban Planning (Supervisor is D.V. Bobryshev) and Master's program on Planning of Urban Landscapes (Supervisor is E.V. Puliaevskaya), while maintaining specialization in disciplines of the architectural and construction majors.

Key personnel

Educational programs

Training period
Training period
5 years
Training period
Training period
2 years

Research projects

  • Strategies of stabilization and development of declining cities by the example of Usolie-Sibirskoye of Irkutsk region
  • Development of the ecological framework of Irkutsk city: features of maintenance and tools for implementation
  • Principles of organizing the system of open spaces by the example of Sverdlovsk district of Irkutsk
  • Principles of formation of the territory development model with the signs of social and urban segregation by the example of the Lugovoye microdistrict of Irkutsk
  • Spatial transformation of the industrial areas of Irkutsk. Typological foundations for the development of tourist and recreational systems of small settlements on Lake Baikal

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Service of Architecture of Irkutsk region
It is an executive body of state power of the Irkutsk region on management in the field of architecture.
The Service of Architecture of the Irkutsk region develops the territorial planning scheme of the Irkutsk Region to determine territorial planning based on social, economic, environmental and other factors in order to ensure sustainable development of territories, ensure that the interests of citizens and their associations are taken into account, as well as monitor compliance with legislation on urban planning activities by local governments.
Office of Urban Planning “Liniya”, LLC

It develops master plans for comprehensive development and documentation on the territory planning, documents of territorial planning and urban zoning of municipalities.
Design and Planning Office “Master-Plan”, LLC
It is engaged in the development of urban planning documentation.
Basic principles of the company's work are
  • a high-quality fulfillment of the customer's requirements in the shortest possible terms,
  • an individual approach to the object of design,
  • development of conceptual and design solutions aimed at creating favorable conditions for the territory development

The customers are local, regional and federal authorities, individuals and legal entities such as Irkutsk Oil Company, Irkutsk Heavy Machinery Plant, Irkutskenergo, VostSibStroy, GorStroy and others.
Activities in the field of architecture and engineering-and-technical design.
Siberian Urban Lab
It is engaged in projects of regeneration and modernization of the urban environment, architectural design, development of master plans of cities, urban neighborhoods and suburban settlements, the design of public spaces and transportation solutions for cities.

Outstanding graduates

Sergey Aleksandrov
ST Osnova, LLC / Director
graduate of 2013
Aleksandra Borisova
Administration of Irkutsk region / General architect of Irkutsk region
graduate of 2016
Ruslan Khotulev
Office of Urban Planning “Liniya”, LLC / General architect
graduate of 2012
Svetlana Solodiankina
V.B. Sochava Institute of Geography SB RAS / Senior researcher
graduate of 2012