The Architecture State Department of Irkutsk Region awarded INRTU professors with merit certificates

The Architecture Department, the executive body of state power of the Irkutsk region, highly appreciated the merits of the Irkutsk Technic University in training of specialists in the sphere of architecture, urban planning and the protection of cultural heritage. The award certificates noted the valuable contribution of university staff to the development of industry research.

The merit certificates were awarded to professors of the Architectural Design Department: Professor Andrey Bolshakov, and associate professors Andrey Lyapin and Sergey Smolkov. The awards were also presented to the staff of the Architecture and Urban Planning Department – Head of the department Evgenia Pulyaevskaya, Associate Professor Dmitry Bobryshev.

Together with colleagues, professors train highly qualified personnel for architectural bureaus and Irkutsk City Hall. Three years ago, the department team introduced summer internship in the workshop format. As part of the project, students examine public spaces, boulevards, courtyards, areas around hospitals and give recommendations for improvement. Future urban planners work in local government starting from their third year of studies, and then obtain Master’s degree to improve their professional skills.