13.04.02 Electric power engineering and electrical engineering

Renewable Energy

2 years

About the program

The large-scale use of renewable energy sources in recent years requires new specialists in this field of energy. The development of modern electric power complexes is impossible without the widespread introduction of generation systems based on renewable energy sources. The widespread use of this concept allows solving problems in the field of ecology. Improve the quality of life of the population, especially in remote areas.                                                                                                        
With the integration of renewable energy sources into the power supply system, it becomes necessary to solve a number of complex technological problems. Graduates of the Renewable Energy Master's program are able to cope with this class of problems.

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to assess the energy potential of renewable energy resources of the territory;
  • Knowledge of the theoretical foundations of energy conversion of renewable energy resources;
  • Ability to assess the energy potential of renewable energy resources of the territory;
  • Ability to design power supply systems with elements of renewable energy;
  • Willingness to carry out operational activities;
  • Ability to choose renewable energy equipment for specific conditions.

Career opportunities

This program provides an excellent preparation for career in Russia or any other country.
A graduate of the program can work in energy companies of different countries in the field of designing electric power systems, environmentally friendly technologies, regime management in the companies of the system operator.

Program academic supervisor

Fees and funding

245 000 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Computer test in Power and Electrical Engineering.

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Mamatov Khudayberdi
Students, Master of Renewable Energy
I am spending my 3rd year of bachelor program at Wrocław University of Science and Technology (Poland) within an exchange program organized by INRTU....
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