Denis Sidorov
Senior Researcher: Baikal School of BRICS, Industrial Mathematics Lab (since 2020)
Professor: School of Information Technology and Data Science, Laboratory of Network Systems and IT Infrastructure (since 2000)
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Doctor of Sciences, Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Education, degrees
Applied Mathematics, Irkutsk State University
Research Fellow , Trinity College Dublin
Invited Researcher, Tampere University of Technology
Research Fellow , University of Technology of Compiègne
DAAD Professor, Siegen University
Invited Professor, Issac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences
Research Professor, Queen's University Belfast


Letter of Gratitude from the President of Russian Academy of Sciences Acad. A.M. Sergeev for science popularisation, participation in the program "RAS Professors to Schools" (2019) Letter of Gratitude from Presidium of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Science for significant contribution to the development of national science (2020) Letter of Gratitude from the Governor of the Irkutsk region for personal contribution to education, research, and development of the system of higher education (2022)




Elected Professor of Russian Academy of Sciences (2018) Member of Higher Attestation Commission of Ministry of Science and Higher Education Member of the dissertation council of the ISEM SB RAS, member of the Presidium of the IRC SB RAS Member of the Editorial Board, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews (WoS Q1, Scopus Q1) Member of the Editorial Board, International Journal of Artificial Intelligence (Scopus Q2) Member of the Editorial Board, Mathematics, MDPI (WoS Q1) Member of the Editorial Board, Energies Magazine, MDPI (WoS Q1) Member of Reviewers Board, Microorganisms, MDPI Editor-in-Chief of iPolytech Journal Referee, Mathematical Review, zbMATH
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SPIN-RSCI: 6049-9314
ResearcherID: B-4592-2008
Scopus AuthorID: 15060736400