09.04.02 Information systems and technology

Industrial mathematics and operations research

2 years

About the program

Industrial Mathematics is concerned with developing mathematical methods to solve and model practical problems in engineering, science, human society, and industry. The objective of this Master’s program is to enable students to acquire both theoretical and practical skills in the fields of classical and numerical analysis,  dynamical systems, probability and optimisation. The connection of these fields to modeling of physical, biological, engineering, and financial phenomena will be established though the cases studies in multidisciplinary teams. Students will develop skills in logical thinking, abstraction and analysis of structure. They will develop expertise in formulating and resolving practical problems in terms of contemporary mathematics.  Students are to obtain practical experience in mathematical modeling, analysis and operations research during an internship or industrial project that will culminate in a MSc thesis. Students studies are supervised by scientific advisors. The program trains a new generation of mathematical engineers and analysts capable of conducting research, developing and managing interdisciplinary projects in Industry 4.0.

Learning outcomes

  • The logical and analytical skills useful for a range of future scientific & industrial careers in Industry 4.0
  • Independent thinking for development of novel mathematical methods and techniques for nonstandard industrial projects

Career opportunities

Opportunities include research associate, technical consultant, scientific programmer, systems engineer, business analyst. Employment areas include private and state research institutions, governments, multinationals, insurance companies, financial industry, as well as banks, automotives, aeronautics, energy and industrial companies. The best students will be enrolled for PhD studies.

Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Industrial Mathematics Lab
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Industrial Mathematics Lab
Associate Professor: Industrial Mathematics Lab

Fees and funding

200 000 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

A computer test in Maths

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