23.04.03 Operation of transport and technological machines and complexes

Technical Maintenance of Automobiles

2 years

About the program

The program is designed to further students’ academic and intellectual abilities in all fields of operation of motor transport. In the process of mastering the program students receive deep fundamental and modern knowledges and competencies that allow graduates to solve the most complex industrial engineering tasks as well as independently set and solve scientific problems in research activities.

We have well-equipped modern educational, research and scientific laboratories of the department: The Educational and research laboratory “Computer methods of scientific research in automobile transport”, the Educational laboratory “Testing petroleum products”, the Educational laboratory “Computer vehicle health check”, the Educational laboratory “Vehicle technical maintenance”, the Research laboratory “Vehicle health check” where students have an opportunity to get practical skills and do scientific researches.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge in the process of maintenance operation and repair of cars and their components;
  • ability to manage for the document automotive service;
  • ability to control of the readiness for operation of technical diagnostic tools, including measuring instruments, additional technological equipment;
  • knowledge in checking for changes in the design of vehicles;
  • knowledge in the process of maintenance operation and repair of cars and their components;
  • practical skill in collection and analysis of the results of the vehicles engineering status;
  • skill in making a decision on the compliance of the vehicles engineering status with the requirements of road safety and registration of their admission to operation on public roads;
  • monitor of the frequency of maintenance of technical diagnostics including measuring instruments, additional technological equipment;
  • ability to implement the technological process of the vehicles general inspection at the inspection station;

Career opportunities

Competitive advantages and possible places of employment:
Enterprises and organizations of the transport complex of various forms of ownership; design, technological and scientific organizations; transport and repair enterprises; organizations that monitor the technical condition of vehicles; automotive service enterprises; branded and dealership centers of factories; marketing and forwarding services; the system of logistics, wholesale and retail trade of transport equipment, spare parts, components and materials necessary in operation.


Program academic supervisor

Fees and funding

213 600 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take the special discipline related to the field of master's degree program in Russian language.

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