49.06.01 Physical culture and sports

Physical Culture and Professional Physical Training

3 years

About the program

The scientific specialty "Physical culture and professional physical training" involves the training of specialists in this field who are able to solve professional problems in the organization, management, scientific and methodological support in the field of physical education, professional and applied physical training, professional education in the field of physical culture.
The objects of professional activity of graduates:
1. processes of formation of physical, mental, social, spiritual, ideological, motivational and value orientations and attitudes towards maintaining and strengthening health, maintaining a healthy lifestyle, optimizing the psychophysical state of a person, mastering various motor skills, skills and related knowledge, developing motor abilities, high working capacity, formation of versatile readiness, skills of competitive activity and improvement of sportsmanship with a focus on achieving maximum competitive results in sports;
2. training, education in the process of vocational education in the field of physical culture and sports;
3. pedagogical systems in the field of physical culture.

Learning outcomes

  • Improving the professional qualifications of a teacher;
  • opportunities for further career growth;
  • improving the professional qualifications of a teacher;
  • expanding the circle of professional communication.

Career opportunities

Raising the professional level, service status.
Training of scientific and pedagogical personnel of the highest qualification, ready for the effective solution of research, scientific, pedagogical and professional tasks; creation of conditions for students to acquire the level of knowledge, skills and abilities necessary for the implementation of professional activities in the field of physical culture and sports, updating the experience of activities for the preparation and defense of a dissertation for the degree of candidate of pedagogical sciences.

Program academic supervisor

Fees and funding

125 700 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take the following entrance exams: - English/Russian language. - A special discipline related to the field of postgraduate program.

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