Department of Management

The history of creation and development of the department dates back to 1937. Currently, the Department of Management offers study programs on Economics, Production Organization and Management, Economics and Management of Engineering Production, Technical and Economic Analysis of Innovation, Economics and Industry Organization, Economics and Management of Energy Enterprise, etc. Bachelor Programs:Management (Project Management, Production Management); Economics (Economics and National Economy Management focusing on separate branches and areas such as Economy, Business Management, Industry management, Complex Management). While studying, students can implement their knowledge during internships at various companies in the city and region with a further possibility of employment upon graduation.

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Educational programs

Training period
Training period
4 years
Training period
4 years
Training period
Training period
2 years

Research projects

  • The Baikal Natural Territory Sustainable Development Features and Challenges

    Objective: The collaborative research project aims to gain knowledge in the management of the target area and to address issues related to ensuring its sustainable development.

    Expected scientific results: Collecting data and knowledge, gaining skills and experience, sharing that knowledge, integrating different indicators of sustainability, and creating a holistic understanding of an area's
    ecosystem. Our case studies focus on the Irkutsk Region, the Republic of Buryatia, and Zabaikalsky Region.

  • Models of energy infrastructure development for remote and isolated territories of Russia in a framework of the Mirror Lab with the HSE University

    Objective: Estimation of investment appeal of energy infrastructure development projects in remote and isolated areas and the possibility of stimulating their development by the government.

    Expected scientific results: Analysis of alternative models for the development of energy infrastructure in remote and isolated areas; investment attractiveness assessment of energy supply and energy saving projects, as well as the possibility of their stimulation by the government; evaluation the quality of life of the population of these territories and improvement of regional infrastructure development.

New releases

BaikalSvyazEnergoStroy, LLC (Irkutsk)
Design and construction of communication facilities, electrical installation work, electrical research, work with special equipment, cranes and manipulators, electrical installation and construction of communication facilities
Surgutneftegaz, JSC
Exploration and production, oil refining, gas utilization and processing, product sales
Angarsk Petrochemical Company
The company processes about 9 million tons of oil annually. The range of products, taking into account brands and grades - more than 260 items. The main types of products are petroleum, petrochemicals, lubricating oils. The company's products are sold on the domestic market and exported.
Enerpred Trading House, JSC
Production of high quality hydraulic tools for a wide range of applications that meet the requirements of Russian and international standards
MedTechService, LLC
Production of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment used for medical purposes
RN-Burenie, LLC
The Company is engaged in drilling of oil and gas production and exploration wells. The Company has one of the most extensive branch networks among drilling companies in the Russian Federation (12 branches)
Transneft-Vostok, LLC
The main type of activity: transportation by pipelines of oil.
Buryatnefteprodukt, JSC
The company sells motor fuels to retail customers through its own network of filling stations and to small wholesale customers from oil depots. At present the Company's tank farm consists of three oil depots
Irkutsknefteprodukt, JSC
The company sells motor fuels to retail customers through its own network of filling stations and to small wholesale customers from oil depots. The Company's tank farms consist of 9 oil depots
Verkhnechonskneftegaz JSC
Verkhnechonskneftegaz is a company, which is developing the Verkhnechonskoye oil and gas condensate field; it is one of the largest companyin Eastern Siberia.
The field was discovered in 1978, but its pilot operation began only in 2005. In addition, the company operates 15 licensed areas of Rosneft located in the Irkutsk Region and the Krasnoyarsk Territory.
Baikalenergo, JSC
Generation, transmission and distribution of steam (heat energy) and hot water; air conditioning
Gazprom Dobycha Irkutsk, LLC
Development of hydrocarbon fields, construction and operation of gas condensate wells, gas production and treatment, gas condensate processing, sales of liquid hydrocarbons and natural gas, organization and implementation of reliable and trouble-free gas supply to gasified facilities, research and development work
A grid operator that operates and repairs power grid facilities in the Irkutsk Region
Angaria LLC
Ice cream production
Irkutsk Relay Plant JSC
The plant specializes in the development and production of switchgear products
Irkut-Autotrans, LLC
The company operates in the transportation market in Irkutsk, Irkutsk region and the Russian Federation. It is a subsidiary of Irkutsk Aviation Plant — a branch of IRKUT Corporation, PJSC
Automated Comfort Systems LLC
Installation of security and fire systems, alarm and security systems, automation of engineering networks, electrical work, fire protection treatment
MAS Project, LLC
Development of computer software. Additional activities: retail sale in non-specialized stores, retail sale of computers, peripherals and software in specialized
Irkutsk Oil Company, LLC
One of the largest independent producers of hydrocarbons in Russia. It is engaged in geological exploration, prospecting and production of hydrocarbons in the fields and subsoil areas in Eastern Siberia — Irkutsk Region, the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) and Krasnoyarsk Territory
Irkutskenergo, PJSC
Electric power generation. The company manages 3 hydroelectric power plants, 9 heat power plants and heat networks

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