13.04.02 Electric power engineering and electrical engineering

Digital Power Engineering

2 years

About the program

Digitalization is rapidly changing the power energy industry, creating a more diverse sector with huge new opportunities for new technologies. The program provides in-depth knowledge of all the main digital technologies, knowledge of intelligent electric power systems (Smart Grid) and gives you the opportunity to specialize in the areas that are most promising for you at present.
The master’s program “Digital Power Engineering” involves students in research and production activities and is focused on the practical solution of the problems of operating power systems and developing power supply systems. The purpose of the program: training of elite specialists in the field of power supply systems with the most modern energy technologies:
-for working with national and foreign companies on joint research in the field of modern power electrical systems;
-for the design and implementation of renewable energy systems;
-for the design and implementation of modern power electrical  and supply systems;
-for increasing human resources potential in the power electrical systems

Learning outcomes

  • Ability to demonstrate understanding of Smart Energy Systems related problems and technologies;
  • Ability to design SES and analyze performance of Smart Energy Systems while demonstrating the ability to explain each component and entire system behavior;
  • Ability to apply advanced mathematical techniques and algorithms for improvement of power system planning, operation and control.

Career opportunities

The program is developed within ESSENCE project of the Erasmus+ CBHE program of the European Union for the preparation of masters in digital energy. The partners of the program are European and Asian universities.
Partner universities from the European Union:
•    Riga Technical University (Latvia),
•    University of Kosice (Slovakia),
•    Grenoble Institute of Technology (France).
Partner universities from the Russian side:
•    Tomsk Polytechnic University,
•    Kazan Power Engineering University,
•    Ural Federal University,
•    North-Eastern Federal University
Partner universities
Our students have internship at modern technologies and research laboratories of the University where they develop scientific projects, using the most modern equipment from leading foreign and Russian companies, manufacturers of electric power equipment.
Upon completion of training, it is possible to continue training in postgraduate studies at INRTU and ISEM SB RAS, work at energy companies, including foreign ones.

Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Acting Head of the Department, Associate Professor: Department of Power Supply and Electrical Engineering

Fees and funding

194 200 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take the special discipline related to the field of master's degree program in Russian language.

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