Department of Technology and Equipment for Machine-Building Production

The Department of Technology and Equipment of Machine-Building Production was organized in December 2015 through the merger of two departments: "Technology of Mechanical Engineering" and "Equipment and Automation of Mechanical Engineering". The department trains specialists in labor-intensive and knowledge-intensive specialties related to automation of production, with complex equipment of machine-building industries, its instrumentation, modern production technologies.

Key personnel

Teaching staff

Educational programs

Training period
Training period
4 years
Training period
4 years
Training period
Training period
2 years

Research projects

  • Development of automated technologies for processing edges of frame parts
  • Technological processes improvement of deformation hardening of parts of lethal vehicles made of steels, aluminum and titanium alloys
  • Technology for processing high-precision holes in mixed bags with additional restorative repair operations in polymer composite materials
  • Research of cutting and auxiliary tools for processing aircraft parts made of materials from Russia
  • Optimization of aircraft parts machining technology based on modal analysis
  • Complex technology of forming large-sized low-rigid wing panels
  • Digital design of technological processes in mechanical engineering
  • Technologies for manufacturing medical implants made of titanium alloys.

New releases

Irkut Corporation, Irkutsk Aviation Plant (IAP)
It is one of the most modern and rapidly developing enterprises in the Russian machinery industry. Its capabilities allow it to perform the full cycle of operations, including design and technological preparation of new aircraft production, tooling manufacture, prototype and serial production, ground and flight testing, and after-sales service.

Outstanding graduates

Viktor Maksimenko
Irkutsk Relay Plant / General Director
graduate of 1972
Sergey Yamanov
Irkutsk Aviation Plant-branch Irkut Corporation / Director of Lean Manufacturing
graduate of 1984
Viktor Bronstein
Sibatom LLC, Irkutsk / General Director
graduate of 1973
Yaroslav Shlensky
Gazprom Dobycha Irkutsk LLC / Head of the Engineering and Technical Center
graduate of 1998
Dmitry Astakhov
Irkutsk Aviation Plant-Branch of Irkut Corporation / Head of the Machining Laboratory
graduate of 1997
Lgalov Vladimir
"Irkutsk Relay Plant" JSC / Deputy Chief Technologist
graduate of 2009