27.06.01 Management in Technical Systems

Product Quality Management. Standardization (Product Quality Management. Standardization)

4 years

About the program

The program involves training in the development of new management methods, information processing and the search for new constructive solutions in the creation of control systems for technical objects, as well as conducting research in the field of control theory, artificial intelligence methods.Standardization and product quality management is a specialty that solves the tasks and problems of harmonious (integrated) development of production of goods and services on the basis of modern methods of management and control of enterprises and organizations, information technology, standards, general management methods.

Learning outcomes

  • Organization and conduct of scientific research at a high scientific and methodological level;
  • analysis, generalization and public presentation of the results of their scientific research;
  • critical analysis and evaluation of modern scientific achievements;
  • participation in the work of Russian and international research teams to solve scientific and scientific-educational tasks.

Career opportunities

Postgraduates of the course in this field can carry out professional activities in the following organizations and institutions: educational organizations; research organizations; industrial enterprises; companies of various types of activity.


Program academic supervisor

Fees and funding

199 000 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take the following entrance exams: - English/Russian language. - A special discipline related to the field of postgraduate program.

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