45.04.02 Linguistics

Specialized translation and Interpreting (Russian and Chinese)

2 years

About the program

Unique in Irkutsk, this program integrates translation skills, interpretation skills and a combination of Chinese and Russian in the same curriculum. The degree helps you to learn the techniques and methodologies employed in professional interpretation and specialised technical translation, as well as how to use IT tools for assisted translation.
You will tackle the most diverse linguistic-literary and socio-cultural issues with a comparative and intercultural approach and learn to analyse and translate texts belonging to various functional styles. You also learn how to do liaison interpreting, consecutive and chuchotage (whispered) interpreting and conference interpreting, as well as how to manage complex technical professional projects. In addition to providing a wealth of language and technical skills, these activities aim to deepen your understanding of the intercultural and interlinguistic dynamics in which you will find yourself working after graduation.
We view translation and interpreting studies both as interdisciplinary academic disciplines and as professional practices built on solid theoretical foundations.

Learning outcomes

  • Understanding of theories of and approaches to a variety of translation and interpreting fields;
  • Awareness of cultural, ethical, and epistemological aspects of translation and interpreting practices;
  • Understanding of theories of and approaches to a variety of translation and interpreting fields;
  • Command of technical tools regularly used in translation or interpreting;
  • Demonstrated skill in creation, management, and production of an individual project in a specialized subfield (conference interpreting, localization, technical and professional translation).

Career opportunities

Our students will be given a chance to compete for an internship organized by our partner universities in China. Harbin Institute of Technology is ready to accept our best students for a period up to six months. This program has excellent internship opportunities for the participants from the People's Republic of China, as they will be able to get their professional experience at one of Russian industrial, scientific of educational institutions. Our graduates will have a unique advantage of continuing their research or beginning their career abroad.

Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor: Department of Humanities
Director of the Language Testing Center: Baikal School of BRICS
Associate Professor: Department of Humanities
Associate Professor: Department of Chemistry and Biotechnology named after V.V. Tuturina

Fees and funding

245 000 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants should take the entrance exam in Russian/Chinese language.

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