40.06.01 Law

Public Law (State Law) Sciences

3 years

About the program

Postgraduate study is the 3rd stage higher education. The aim of postgraduate studies is education of qualified scientific personnel. To do this, the postgraduate study program provides for the study a number of disciplines and passing the examinations of the candidate's minimum on them, preparation for work and independent work on a dissertation
research, pre-defense of a candidate's dissertation (scientific report on the main results of the prepared scientific qualification work (dissertation). The main topics of the study will be the basic rights, freedoms and duties of man and citizen, protection mechanisms; Head of state, parliament, government and courts; public legal mechanism for ensuring the security of the individual, society; state taxation; customs regulation; prosecutor's office in the system of public power; legal regulation of public administration in various areas.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge in theory and history of law and state;
  • knowledge in organization of law enforcement and human rights activities;
  • knowledge in state and municipal service;
  • ability to transfer their knowledge for the scientific community;
  • knowledge in theory and history of law and state.

Career opportunities

As a result of the training, the postgraduate student receives a diploma PhD in Law, giving the right to teach in higher educational institutions, and also professionally carry out research activity.

Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Department of History and Philosophy
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Department of History and Philosophy
Associate Professor: Laboratory of Network Systems and IT Infrastructure
Head of the Center: E-learning Center

Fees and funding

210 320 ₽ *
Per year
*Part-time mode of study is also available. For the detailed information about tuition fee and the training period please contact International admission office

Entrance exams

Applicants take the following entrance exams:
- English/Russian language.
- A special discipline related to the field of postgraduate program.

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