13.04.02 Electric power engineering and electrical engineering

Electric Power Stations, Systems and Networks

2 years

About the program

The program is aimed at in-depth study of particular issues of design, operation and control of power plants, networks and systems. A feature of the master's program is the acquisition of new knowledge by students through individual research work under the guidance of highly qualified teachers and employees of energy enterprises and regular discussion of the scientific results obtained at the seminars of the Department of Electric Stations, Networks and Systems.
Modern equipment of the laboratories of the Department of Electric Stations, Networks and Systems "Operating modes of electric power systems", "Diagnostics of electrical equipment", "Operation of electrical equipment" with an 110 kV training substation is used for training and in carrying out research work. Also, in the laboratory of relay protection and automation of the Corporate Training and Research Center "EuroSibEnergo-IRNITU", training sessions and research work are conducted using modern digital protection devices from ABB, Siemens, EKRA, Bresler, Alstom, etc.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge of the basics of control of electric power systems in normal and emergency modes, basic skills of operational dispatch control in electric power systems;
  • Knowledge and practical skills in the design and operation of digital relay protection and automation of electric power systems;
  • Ability to analyze and apply methods for managing the power quality in power systems;
  • Ability to carry out simple work on state diagnostics of high- and low-voltage electrical equipment.

Career opportunities

The program is in demand among graduates of the bachelor's degree in the field of electrical engineering and employees of energy enterprises who want to continue their studies at the next level of education and get a career perspective. Graduates of the master's degree work in engineering and management positions in energy enterprises engaged in the generation, transmission and distribution of electricity, in large industrial enterprises, in design and engineering companies, in universities and research institutes. Also, graduates of the program can continue their education in the postgraduate study of the electric power industry.


Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor: Department of Humanities
Director of the Language Testing Center: Baikal School of BRICS
Professor: Department of Electric Power Plants, Networks and Systems
Head of the Laboratory: EUROSIBENERGO - INRTU Corporate Research Training Center

Fees and funding

194 200 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take the special discipline related to the field of master's degree program in Russian language.

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