08.04.01 Construction

Organizational, Technological and Constructive Support of the Operability of Buildings and Structures

2 years

About the program

The program provides in-depth knowledge of building structures and construction production. Trends and prospects for the development of methodology, constructive calculations, monitoring the technical condition of the supporting and enclosing structures of buildings and structures, the organization of production are considered taking into account the latest achievements of construction science and practice - effective building materials and structures, design and graphic software systems, avant-garde technological solutions, modern organizational structures. The program deals with issues of environmental safety, energy saving, regulatory and legal regulation of construction activities.
Final qualification work - master's thesis includes theoretical and practical research material, as a result, the conclusions present real practical material to ensure the operability of individual structures as well as buildings and structures as a whole. Masters acquire the skills of teaching in the chosen specialty.
Qualification – Master's degree.

Learning outcomes

  • Knowledge of the basics of technical operation of buildings and structures, ensuring their operability and related activities of a constructive and organizational and technological nature;
  • Planning and implemention of technically based solutions aimed at improving the design characteristics of the bearing and enclosing structures of buildings and structures during new construction, reconstruction and overhaul;
  • Organizational, technological and constructive support of the operability of buildings and structures.

Career opportunities

Graduates of this direction can work: Organizations, services, institutions of any form of ownership, carrying out, planning investments in construction, as well as accounting, analysis of the effectiveness of economic costs (engineer, planner, expert, controller, analyst, financier, economist);
Activities in organizations that monitor the technical condition and design measures to ensure the operability of buildings and structures (engineer, designer, expert);
Construction organizations, enterprises and companies performing new construction, reconstruction, restoration and overhaul of real estate objects (manager, site manager, foreman, master);
Enterprises that are customers of construction of buildings and structures, their reconstruction, restoration, overhaul and demolition, as well as the service of supervision and control over the production of works (expert, engineer of construction and technical supervision, engineer of technical supervision).


Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor: Technical Inspection of Civil Engineering Facilities Lab
Associate Professor: Department of Construction Operations
Head of the Center: BIM Center

Fees and funding

194 200 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take a test in the major subject in the Russian language.

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