Department of Energy Systems and Complexes

The Department of the Energy Systems and Complexes has existed since 2012 and is a basic department is in close cooperation with the Science Institute of Energy Systems named after L.A. Melentiev (Siberian Branch of RAS) Currently, the department provides training for masters in Electric Power and Electrical Engineering within the master's program "Forecasting and strategies for the development of power systems and complexes in the region". Undergraduates during their studies have the opportunity to implement their knowledge during intership in the basic organization and companies of various profiles.

Key personnel

Research projects

  • Comprehensive analysis of the main directions on reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Russian electric power industry
  • Development prospects for the energy sources in the conditions of isolated territories of the North
  • Analysis of the development prospects for the energy complex of territories, taking into account environmental restrictions
  • Prospects for the use of logging waste in the energy supply of consumers of the protected ecological zone of Baikal

New releases

L.A.Melentiev Energy Systems Institute (SB RAS)
It is a research institute of scientific interest in theory of creation and management of energy systems, complexes and installations, scientific basis and mechanisms for implementation of energy policy of Russia and its regions, including ensuring reliability of fuel and energy supply and energy security.

Outstanding graduates

Elena Gubiy
ISEM SB RAS, Laboratory of Energy Supply of decentralized Consumers / Candidate of Technical Sciences, Researcher
graduate of 2023
Maxim Penzik
ISEM SB RAS, Laboratory of Thermodynamics / Candidate of Chemical Sciences, Senior Researcher
graduate of 2020
Alexander Kozlov
ISEM SB RAS, Laboratory of Thermodynamics / Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher
graduate of 2016