Laboratory of Network Systems and IT Infrastructure

Laboratory of Network Systems and IT Infrastructure has been functioning since September 2022. As a structural unit of the School of Information Technology and Data Science, the laboratory has several directions of activity: educational - the implementation of the learning process on ongoing educational programs at a new technological level, which provides improving the quality of training, retraining and advanced training of students by implementation of the latest training and research equipment, programme-technical tools; research direction - development of research programs of the laboratory and the implementation of the results when implementing research and development, study programs of the School of Information Technology and Data Science as well as INRTU end-to-end technologies.

Key personnel

Research projects

  • Streamlining the installation process, configuration and maintenance of software and hardware-software complexes, design issues and implementation of IT-structure systems.
  • Application of Network Science methods when processing of large amounts of information, building relevant ontologies and using integrated services.
  • Learning advanced technologies in the field of data transmission, robotics control and internet of things control.
  • Formation of projects for use of machine vision systems.

New releases

RKIT Group is a russian system integrator. The company specializes in  applied solution development in the field of  electronic document management and  automation of organizations' and enterprises' business processes of the real sector of the economy. The company was established in 2006.
Svyaz Tranzit, LLC
Svyaztranzit ia an IT-operator  of cloud telephony. Virtual PBX helps to handle with the call flow and to organize teamwork integrating apps and messengers.
ISPsystem, JSC
ISPsystem, an IT-company that was founded in 2004. For more than 18 years we have been developing software for managing IT infrastructure, including physical equipment, server virtualization, web server and sites. For hosting and IaaS providers, we offer a billing platform, as well as a profitable software reselling program.
JSC CROC incorporated
CROC is an technology company operating in the Russian IT market. CROC was established by Boris Bobrovnikov in 1992. The company provides systems integration and managed B2B services, off-the-shelf products and promising end-to-end technologies, such as Big data, blockchain, artificial intelligence, Internet of things, RPA, and machine learning, while also offering cloud and data center services based on its own data centers.
Adict, LLC
Adict is a digital agency which effectively solves tasks through design, technologies,  analytics and marketing.
Zeon, LLC
Zeon company has been providing  supply of computer equipment, office and server equipment in Irkutsk city and in Irkutsk region as well for more than 26 years. Many projects in IT area have been completed over the years. The complany has constantly been evolved and improved, not stopping at the achieved.
Scientific and Production Company «Forus», LLC
The company creates and maintain information systems based on «1С» solutions.
MTS - Mobile TeleSystems, PJSC
MTS "Mobile TeleSystems", headquartered in Moscow, is the largest mobile network operator in Russia, operating on GSM, UMTS and LTE standards. Apart from cellular network, the company also offers local telephone service, broadband, mobile television, cable television, satellite television and digital television.
As of Q1 2021, the company serves over 84.9 million subscribers in Russia, Armenia and Belarus.
L.A.Melentiev Energy Systems Institute (SB RAS)
It is a research institute of scientific interest in theory of creation and management of energy systems, complexes and installations, scientific basis and mechanisms for implementation of energy policy of Russia and its regions, including ensuring reliability of fuel and energy supply and energy security.
Matrosov Institute for System Dynamics and Control Theory of Siberian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences
ER-Telecom Holding JSC
ER-Telecom Holding JSC provides services of broadband Internet access, telephony, digital TV, access to Wi-Fi, VPN, LoRaWAN networks, video surveillance and integrated solutions based on technologies of the industrial Internet of things (IoT).
The Governor's office and the government of Irkutsk region
En+Digital, LLC
It is a specialized IT-company which provides services to more than 85 clients from  energy, mining, construction sectors of the economy and in services.
Gazprom invest, LLC
Gazprom ivest  is a single technical contracting authority  on implementation of investment projects of PJSC Gazprom, including geological exploration, building, reconstruction, overhaul of production facilities, transport, undeground storage, gas processing, gasification facilities and civil purposes.