15.06.01 Mechanical engineering

Ground Transport and Technological Means and Complexes (Road-building, Construction and Handling Machinery)

4 years

About the program

The program refers  to the number of scientific specialties "Mechanical Engineering". The research areas are theory of work processes, methods of calculation and design, mathematical modeling, optimization of structures and synthesis of traffic control laws, experimental researches  and testing of road-building, construction and handling machinery.
The main competitive advantage is considered to be an exceptionally wide range of research objects that form the basis of the construction complex. In addition, the knowledge gained within the framework of mastering of the program can be applied successfully in other fields of technology.

Learning outcomes

  • Advanced horizons in the field of road, construction and lifting machines as well as in-depth knowledge relating to the object of research;
  • ability to put theoretical knowledge into a specific project;
  • ability to carry out teaching activities in the system of higher education.

Career opportunities

Mastering the program provides career opportunities   in research and teaching activities. Graduates  of  the degree program  may work as managers and chief specialists at firms engaged in the research, production and operation of construction machinery, as well as teachers in higher educational institutions.

Program academic supervisor

Fees and funding

199 000 ₽ *
Per year
*Part-time mode of study is also available. For the detailed information about tuition fee and the training period please contact International admission office

Entrance exams

Applicants take the following entrance exams: - English/Russian language. - A special discipline related to the field of postgraduate program.

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