Department of Thermal Power Engineering Systems

The Department of Thermal Power Engineering Systems was opened in December 2014 on the basis of the L.A. Melentyev Institute of Energy Systems of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The department provides training for undergraduates in the program "Mathematical modeling and optimization technical and economic studies of promising and functioning thermal power plants". Leading scientists of the department have extensive experience in research, teaching and practical work, took part in the master's program developing. The program includes traditional and author courses. The implementation of the program is provided with the course material of technical, educational, scientific and methodological support of INRTU and Research Institute. Students of the Department have access to the scientific and technical library of L.A.Melentev Institute of Energy Systems with more than 75 thousand storage units, library systems of electronic publishing houses: IEEE Xplore, Willey, Elsevier, Springer and to unique computer and laboratory complexes.

Key personnel

Research projects

  • Mathematical modeling methods and optimization of parameters and technological schemes of thermal power and power technological installations for various purposes.
  • Optimization methods of operating modes in thermal power plants.
  • System research and development of scientific foundations of highly efficient and environmentally friendly energy technologies and systems, including systems with distributed generation;
  • Theoretical and experimental studies of the formation of harmful substances in power plants and the search for effective methods to reduce emissions;
  • Impact Analysis of the physico-chemical restrictions on the development of energy technologies;
  • Thermophysical studies methods and means of dynamic processes in the elements of power plants.

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Melentiev Energy Systems Institute of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences
It is a research institute of scientific interest in theory of creation and management of energy systems, complexes and installations, scientific basis and mechanisms for implementation of energy policy of Russia and its regions, including ensuring reliability of fuel and energy supply and energy security.

Outstanding graduates

Oleg Prichko
OAO Irkutskenergo / CEO
graduate of 1985, 2008
Vitalii Alekseiuk
INRTU, Department of Thermal Power Engineering Systems / Associate professor
graduate of 2017