Aliona Dreglea
Associate Professor, Senior Researcher: Baikal School of BRICS, Industrial Mathematics Lab (since 2018)


PhD, Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Education, degrees
Applied mathematics and computer science, Tiraspol State University
Pure Mathematics, Oradea University
Mathematical models for melt spinning, TU Dublin





Professional Interests

1. D. Sidorov, I. Muftahov, D. Karamov, N. Tomin, D. Panasetsky, A. Dreglea, F. Liu, A. Foley A Dynamic Analysis of Energy Storage with Renewable and Diesel Generation using Volterra Equations, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, 16:5, Date of Publication: 01 August 2019, 2020, 3451 - 3459
2. T.H. Nguyen; T.L. Nguyen; D.N. Sidorov; A.I. Dreglea A robust approach to detect gas bubbles through image analysis, Intelligent Decision Technologies, 14: 2, 2020, 1-8
3. D. Sidorov, D. Panasetsky, N. Tomin, D. Karamov, A. Zhukov, I. Muftahov, A. Dreglea, F. Liu, Y. Li Toward Zero-Emission Hybrid ACDC Power Systems with Renewable Energy Sources and Storages: A Case Study from Lake Baikal Region, Energies, 13:5, 2020, 226, Published online, 18 pp. 1996-1073
4. N. A. Sidorov, D. N. Sidorov, A. I. Dreglea Solvability and Bifurcation of Solutions of Nonlinear Equations with Fredholm Operator, Symmetry, 12:6, 2020, 12060912, Published online, 18 pp.
5. NA Sidorov, AI Dreglya, Differential equations in Banach spaces with an irreversible operator in the main part and neoclassical initial conditions, Itogi Nauki i Tekhniki. Contemporary mathematics and its applications, 2020, 1-11
6. S. Noeiaghdam, A. Dreglea, J. He, Z. Avazzadeh, M. Suleman, M.A.F. Araghi, D.N. Sidorov, N.A. Sidorov Error estimation of the homotopy perturbation method to solve second kind Volterra integral equations with piecewise smooth kernels: Application of the CADNA library, Symmetry, 12:10, 2020, 1730, 16 pp.
7. D. Sidorov, A. Tynda, I. Muftahov, A. Dreglea, F. Liu Nonlinear Systems of Volterra Equations with Piecewise Smooth Kernels: Numerical Solution and Application for Power Systems Operation, Mathematics, 8: 8, 1257, 2020, 1-16
8. S. Lin, F. Liu and A. Dreglea, Mode Identification of Broad-band Oscillation Signal Based on Improved VMD Method, 2020 39th Chinese Control Conference, CCC, Shenyang, China, 27-29 July 2020, IEEE Computer Society, 2020, 6162-6167
ResearcherID: C-2719-2014
Scopus AuthorID: 55037517500