INRTU in cooperation with «Hydrotechnologies of Siberia» LLC creates Industrial Ecology Research Center

The research laboratory of electrotechnology was found by Nikolay Konovalov, head of the Physics Department. It is a part of the School of Power Engineering. The laboratory specializes in research and development of processes of high-frequency and induction heating of materials. Also, it is a base for the scientific society «Carbon», where INRTU students and graduate students conduct research in the field of energy, oil refining, construction, IT technologies and «green chemistry».

In the end of September 2022, the university launched its partnership with «Hydrotechnologies of Siberia» LLC, a company specialized in tank cleaning and disposal of oily waste. The cooperation implies arrangement of the Industrial Ecology Research Center based on the laboratory. The first joint project was an environmental hackathon. The partners plan to fulfil contractual works involving INRTU students.

According to Professor Nikolay Konovalov, the laboratory required repair both inside the building and in the adjoining territory. In early October «Hydrotechnologies of Siberia» LLC initiated repair works. Alexander Govorin, an employee of the company and a graduate INRTU student, supervises repair works. It is planned to finish works in the beginning of November.

The administration of «Hydrotechnologies of Siberia» LLC plans to supply the Industrial Ecology Research Center with equipment necessary for development of company's projects. At the moment, there are induction furnaces, equipment for oil and gas processing in the arsenal of electrical technology laboratory. There is also atomic emission spectrometer ISKROLINE 300, with its help scientists analyze complex multi-axial alloys and pure metals.