Information Security Competence Center

Information Security Competence Center trains highly qualified specialists in the field of icybersecurity, functional security of CII facilities, and design of cyber-physical information security systems. The center has modern lecture halls and classrooms, computer classes, laboratories with equipment from leading producers: IBM, Positive Technologies, Infotecs, Samsung and others. The Center has a computing cluster that allows students to virtualize educational environments, as well as all the resources for students to conduct complex resource-intensive calculations and experiments in information security. Students have the opportunity to participate in team and individual competitions in the CTF discipline and other student competitions in information security.

Key personnel

Research projects

  • Development of information security tools
  • Organizational and legal provision of information security
  • Information and analytical activities to ensure comprehensive security
  • Comprehensive information security system at the enterprise
  • Analysis of information processes on the Internet and the security of virtual space
  • Analysis of risk situations in the information security management system

New releases

Sberbank is the largest universal credit and financial institution on assets with a developed structure of regional divisions and offices in all subjects of the Russian Federation.
It is in the register of financial institutions participating in the state system of compulsory deposit insurance. Sberbank of Russia is one of the professional players in the securities market. The bank provides a range of services that include all types of transactions on the international financial market.
PJSC Gazprom
Gazprom is a global energy company. The main activities are the following: geological exploration, production, transportation, storage, processing and sale of gas, gas condensate and oil, sale of gas as motor fuel, as well as the production and sale of heat and electricity.
Secret Service
Secret Servic company was founded in 2000 and offers a comprehensive approach to information security issues in the following areas:
protection of state secrets and confidential information;
personal data protection;
conducting special checks and laboratory special studies of technical means.
Doctor Web Company
A Russian producer of anti-virus information protection tools. Dr.Web products have been developed since 1992. Doctor Web’s strategic goal is to create anti-virus software that is of the highest quality and meets all the requirements currently placed on this segment of programs, and to develop new technologies that allow users to arm themselves against all types of computer threats.