Irkutsk hosted IrkCyberDef interuniversity cyber training at INRTU for the first time

Interuniversity IrkCyberDef cyber training in the field of information security took place in the Technopark of INRTU on the 13th of May. More than 30 students of Irkutsk Technical University, Irkutsk State Transport University and Irkutsk State University participated in the tournament.

The general sponsor of the tournament was the NPF "Information security systems". On behalf of the university the event was supervised by the Information Security Competence Center During the competition day students were offered to solve five cases developed by experts.

According to Alexander Marinov, associate professor at Information Security Competence Center, IS facilities are under active attack due to a shortage of highly qualified specialists: 

"Most employees are more and more often choosing to work for foreign companies. We decided together with large organizations to develop the human resources potential of our region. HQ trainings will make it possible to get students interested in real cases of production companies and immerse them in information security issues in more detail. Such events are able to reduce the distance between universities and enterprises."

The case solutions were evaluated by the experts, including the representatives of En+ holding, Irkutsk Oil Company, LLC "Gazprom dobycha Irkutsk" and the branch "Aeronavigation of Eastern Siberia".

Semyon Samokhvalov, head of the information security department at LLC Gazprom Dobycha Irkutsk, noted that this was the first time students were involved in such exercises as part of the Baikal 2023 IS Code Profi project.

"We are actively involved in the training of future specialists for the IS sphere. At the training exercises, students consolidate the theory learned in higher education in practice. The event allows the guys to pump up their skills and make useful acquaintances.

A team of experts joined the exercises, who gave valuable advice and shared their professional experience in solving production cases. Such joint projects help employers notice talented students and invite them to practice," says Semyon Samokhvalov.

Three winners were chosen based on the results of the exercise. The team "Latecomers" consisting of INRTU students Nikita Tyutikov, Victor Grishchenko, Valery Zhilenkov and Vitaly Ruzhnikov scored the most points (118).

According to Nikita Tyutikov, this training was as close to practical tasks as possible: 

"I remember the first case, where we had to react to suspicious traffic from a non-standard ipv6 address. We decided to block all traffic on this ip address and checked the documentation.

One of the cases was focused on logical thinking, it did not require technical knowledge. We had to investigate one of the company's employees. We found that he had violated critical infrastructure security and personal data processing procedures.

I am a second-year student of the joint program of INRTU and En+ Energy Holding "IT Academy". The knowledge I gained in this project helped me in solving cases. I successfully mastered the courses on ethical hacking and personal data, response to information security incidents".

Case solution on the exercises were also presented by the teams "IrGUPS", "Innovators" and "Mamkin security guys".

The winners of the interuniversity exercises were awarded certificates and valuable prizes from the partners such as a "smart" speaker, multifunctional devices and stylish calendars.