INRTU and Binzhou University Implement a Joint Educational Program on Aircraft Engineering

INRTU delegation led by Rector Mikhail Korniakov visited Binzhou University (China, Shandong Province) to discuss further cooperation in the joint training highly qualified engineers (Bachelor's degree program ‘Aircraft Manufacture Engineering’).

The Russian-Chinese training program received approval from the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China in March 2022. As of December 2022, students commenced studies at Binzhou University (full-time, 4 years period of study) based on the curriculum co-developed by Binzhou University and INRTU. Andrei Savilov, associate professor at the Department of Technology and Equipment of Machine Building Production, supervises the program.

During the plan development both partners dismissed an initial idea of creating a curriculum exclusively devoted to the study of composite materials. Instead, they formulated a unique program, which includes key competences relevant across different areas of aeronautical engineering. This approach increases the competitiveness of the program in the Chinese market. Another key factor is that more than a third of all the disciplines of the curriculum are taught in English and delivered by INRTU.

Speaking at the meeting, the Binzhou University representatives also mentioned their cooperation with seven universities from across the globe. The Aircraft Manufacture Engineering undergraduate program represents their first project with a Russian university.

According to Zhang Jian, Director of the Department of Mechanics and Electrical Engineering, prospective applicants will take one standardized exam. The program features a total 64 joint courses with 12 courses (944 hours, 37%) instructed by INTRU. So far, the program reputation and wide public recognition continues to attract a considerable student and parent interest. Admission for the first group totaled 40 students, with prospects to enroll a further 80 students this year.

At the meeting, aircraft engineering students with the IRNITU delegation dressed in custom-made professional uniform, accentuating the elitism of this field.

Binzhou University has 17 colleges; offers 61 undergraduate courses and with teaching faculty totaling 1,135, 160 of whom hold doctorate degree (PhDs). In 2006, the University established an aviation college, presently reputed as the premier regional school for pilot and engineering training in aviation engineering. The university has since applied to rename this college to Shandong Aviation Academy.

As Rector Mikhail Korniakov emphasized, INRTU and Binzhou University can jointly train specialists in the field of aircraft engineering and conduct research work.

Near future collaboration plans include an online conference on the exchange of scientific competencies, joint research and engineering support of both countries' aviation industries, Binzhou University Chinese instructors’ intern opportunities at INRTU and the possibility for graduates of the joint program to enroll at INRTU magistracy and postgraduate courses.

INFO: Established in 1958, Binzhou University has current student enrollment of about 20,000. Located on 160 hectares, the school's campus covers a total area of 495,000 m2. There are 46 scientific laboratories and the university library boasts a collection of about 900,000 books.

Today, Binzhou University has 21 colleges, which cover nine main areas - literature, history, economics, law, education, science, technology, agriculture, and management. The key branches are ecology, differential equations and dynamical systems, sociology of culture, management theory and management engineering.

Binzhou University also values and cooperates with higher educational institutions in other countries and regions such as France, Australia, the United States, etc.

Photos by the INRTU delegation participants