Doctor of Sciences, Technical Sciences


Education, degrees
Chemisty, Irkutsk State University


Member of the Academic Council
Program: Geoecology (Postgraduate)
1. Environmental risks of using antibiotics in the Baikal region of Russia (Timofeeva, S., Panasenkova, E., Badienkova, G., Shupletsova, I.)
2. Features of overall and occupational morbidity rates among mine workers of marble and granite quarries of the Irkutsk Region (Aleksandrova, A.Y., Timofeeva, S.S.)
3. Use of oil sludge as a combustible additive for the production of bricks (Gorbaev, A.V., Gorlenko, N.V., Timofeeva, S.S.)
4. Possibility of ecological remediation of oil production territories with the use of industrial hemp (Timofeeva, S.S., Gorlenko, N.V., Timofeev, S.S.)
5. Phytoremediation potential of aquatic plants in Uzbekistan for the treatment of cyanide-containing wastewater (Timofeeva, S.S., Timofeev, S.S., Boboev, A.A.)
6. Yoko-Dovyren layered dunite-troctolite-gabbro massif, North Baikal region, Russia: Structure, composition and use of mineral raw materials (Timofeeva, S.S., Kislov, E.V., Khudyakova, L.I.)
7. Stone dust nanoparticles investigation and their role in the negative phenomena for mining workers formation (Aleksandrova, A.Y., Timofeeva, S.S.)
8. Assessment of occupational risks of employees engaged in open-pit mining (Timofeeva, S.S., Drozdova, I.V., Boboev, A.A.)
9. Analysing and Assessing the State of Safety Culture at the Mining Industry Facilities in the Irkutsk Region (Aleksandrova, A.Y., Timofeeva, S.S.)
10.     Assessment of the Impact on Natural Resources Associated with Oil and Gas Production in the Lena-Tunguska Oil and Gas Province (Gorlenko, N.V., Timofeeva, S.S.)
11. Composite binders from mining waste (Khudyakova, L.I., Kotova, I.Yu., Timofeeva, S.S.)
12.     Assessment of environmental damage from oil sludge to land resources in the Irkutsk Region (Gorlenko, N.V., Timofeeva, S.S.)
13. Green technologies in land recultivation for coal mining enterprises (Kuznetsova, I.V., Timofeeva, S.S.)
14. Assessing the environmental risk of mining enterprises by the integral indicator of dust emission (Timofeeva, S.S., Murzin, M.A.)
15. Impact of dust emissions from the silicon production on working conditions (Leonova, M.S., Timofeeva, S.S.)
16. Specialized alarm-initiating device for early detection of coal self-ignition (Timofeeva, S.S., Smirnov, G.I., Timofeev, S.S., Latysheva, S.V.)
17.     Accumulated ecological damage to the health of workers in the production of vinyl chloride (Bodienkova, G.M., Timofeeva, S.S.)
18. Contribution of forest and peat fires to atmospheric pollution in the Irkutsk region (Timofeeva, S.S., Timofeev, S.S., Garmyshev, V.V.)
19. Composite sorbents based on waste from the crystalline silicon production and biochar (Timofeeva, S.S., Leonova, M.S., Gorlenko, N.V., Chang, J.-H., Cheng, S.-F.)
20. Specificity of the charoite dust influence on human respiratory tracks (Aleksandrova, A.Yu., Timofeeva, S.S.)
21. Aspects of Sustainable Development of Russian Regional Universities (Panasenkova, E.Y., Timofeeva, S.S., Artemova, O.S.)
22. Medical Waste as a Source of Antibiotic Contamination in Wastewater (Timofeeva, S.S., Bodienkova, G.M.)
23. Study of Elodea canadensis elimination of Sodium Dodecyl Sulphate and NH4Cl (Sergienko, S.E., Timofeeva, S.S., Kupchinsky, A.B., (...), Stom, D.I., Kashina, N.F.)
24. Impact of mining of common minerals on the environment and public health (Aleksandrova, A.Yu., Timofeeva, S.S.)
25. Possibilities of Using Phytoenergy Systems in the Ecological Rehabilitation of Contaminated Areas of the Baikal Region (Timofeeva, S.S., Ponamoreva, O.N., Stom, D.I.)
26. Development of Dedusting Technology in the Silicon Production (Leonova, M.S., Timofeeva, S.S.)
27. The Study of Dust Nanoparticles and Their Impact on the Health of Mining Workers (Aleksandrova, A.Y., Timofeeva, S.S.)
SPIN-RSCI: 8427-9622
ResearcherID: X-4171-2018
Scopus AuthorID: 7003434846