Africa Day was celebrated at INRTU

The thematic festival was organized on May 16 at the University.

Guests of the event learned about the cultures of South Sudan, Nigeria, Benin, Egypt, Ethiopia, Togo, Algeria, Zimbabwe and Cameroon.

Students performed rap and love songs and joined in fiery dancing. All of the numbers presented were characterized by folk melodies and an openness to experimentation on the part of the festival participants.

Students from Nigeria told about the geographical location of their country, population, economy, attractions, national food and traditions. INRTU students also learned about the glorious pages of Ethiopia's history. For example, the Battle of Adua, which resulted in the recognition of country's independence, took place on March 1, 1896.

One of the presenters of the holiday was Attignon Artem Rama from Benin. He is completing his master's degree at the School of Economics, Management and Law.

"Studying in Cotonou, I was involved in the creative activities of the university. I like that in INRTU I can also be creative and tell about the culture of my country", - said Attignon Artem Rama.

Mahmoud Amr Mohamed came to Irkutsk from Egypt. The young man is studying Russian in the Department of Humanities of BS of BRICS and plans to get his degree in economics . Mahmoud Amr Mohamed has not only improved his level of Russian during several months of studies at INRTU, but also found friends with whom he is united by creativity.

"I've been playing Egyptian Goblet drum for more than five years, so I enrolled in folk club of ethnic percussion "Ethnobit studio". I was accepted by the members of the studio and the leader Natalya Vlasevskaya with a friendly warmth. They help me to realize creative ideas and practice Russian speech. I am glad that INRTU students are interested in African traditions," Mahmoud Amr Mohamed said.

It should be added that currently 250 students from Africa study at INRTU.