Professor Vladimir Voronov's lecture "Artificial Intelligence: Real and Virtual Possibilities" interested INRTU students and staff

"Artificial Intelligence: Real and Virtual Possibilities" lecture was held at INRTU on May 13. Vladimir Voronov, professor emeritus of INRTU, was the speaker. Students and staff of the university expressed interest in the project.

One of the listeners was Aleksei Shevchenko, Director of the School of Subsurface Resource Management, who noted that the methods of artificial intelligence are actively used in subsoil use: 

"We work with a lot of data. AI is used to recognize errors and identify patterns.

At the lecture, it will be interesting to find out what direction Vladimir Voronov is working on, and perhaps plan joint scientific work.

The event was opened by Nikolai Konovalov, head of the School of Power Engineering and Department of Physics.

"Artificial Intelligence is a perspective field that integrates the knowledges from different sciences, including physics. It is necessary to understand that all modern directions are formed on fundamental research".

During his lecture, Vladimir Voronov paid special attention to the aspects of human and robot existence, examining the similarities between the living and artificial minds: 

"From the position of biophysics, such a notion as a humanoid robot - a synthetic object that acts like a human being - is discussed.

Currently, scientists interpret the concept of artificial intelligence in different ways. In official documents, AI is recorded as a set of technical solutions that allow to perform cognitive functions of a human, to obtain the results of intellectual activity".

According to the professor, robotics is also actively developing. The project participants also discussed the role of advances in physics in the modern world: 

"Without fundamental knowledge, the level of technical development would remain primitive".

At the end of the event, Vladimir Voronov presented a series of books "Physics at the Turn of the Millennium," prepared by the professor in co-authorship with his colleagues Renad Sagdeev and Alexei Podoplelov.

Vladimir Mironenko, associate professor at Networking Technology Lab, shared his impressions of the lecture: 

"It was interesting to learn the opinion of a famous professor about artificial intelligence. The event helped to broaden my horizons. However, I am engaged in more applied research, which can be implemented in production.

At the university I am developing the direction of machine vision. Together with future information security specialists, we developed a program capable of real-time image recognition and image manipulation".