A competition of industrial practice reports among future metallurgists was held at INRTU

The competition of industrial practice reports among students was held at the department of metallurgy of non-ferrous metals.

The presentations of the students were judged by the head of the department, Nina Nemchinova, and deputy scientific work, Sergei Belskii, associate professors Andrei Tiutrin and Aleksandr Nikanorov.

According to Sergey Belsky, the competition is held annually. The jury pays attention to the contents of reports and the quality of presentations.

"A report about production experience is accompanied by a discussion. Students ask the speakers questions. This makes it easier for them to decide on a place of industrial practice," said Sergei Belsky.

INRTU students Ivan Orlov, Igor Drugov, and Tatiana Budko worked at the Kolsk Mining and Metallurgical Company in summer 2021. The management of the enterprise provided the students with decent conditions. The organization paid the round trip airfare. Like all other practicants from other cities, INRTU students lived in the dormitory and were served hot meals. The company signed fixed-term employment contracts with the students.

First place was taken by Ivan Orlov. The student was engaged in purification of anolyte from iron (hydrometallurgist apparatus). The work consisted in pressure monitoring and unloading of slabs with iron.

The second place was awarded to Igor Drugov. He worked as an aqueous solution electrolyticist - he extracted cathodes from the baths. He worked together with his classmate, Maxim Goncharuk. Students shared their experience and helped each other in solving production problems.

The third place was shared by Tatiana Budko and Nikolay Motorin (Irkutsk Aluminum Plant). Tatyana Budko performed the duties of a hydrometallurgist. The student emphasized in her report that in practice she applied the knowledge acquired at INRTU

The winners will be awarded certificates and prizes.