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New Technologies in Design, Construction and Price Formation

2 years

About the program

A master's student studying under the program: "New technologies in design, construction and pricing", will know the basics of estimated rationing and pricing in construction. Having mastered the curriculum, he will master the basic principles and categories of management, will be able to consider modern management as a process of optimizing all resources (human, material and financial). The program is aimed at preparing masters for further work in the field of business and scientific research. They receive fundamental knowledge, which is combined with the acquisition of practical knowledge, during practical training (research, scientific and pedagogical). Choosing a direction, undergraduates get the opportunity to participate in the development of economic programs and innovative projects. A graduate of the Master's degree program "New Technologies in design, construction and pricing" is a modern specialist in the field of innovations, able to independently calculate, analyze and optimize the costs of creating construction products. Obtaining a master's degree opens up wider opportunities for employment and salary increases.

Learning outcomes

  • The graduate of the program is able to analyze, process and systematize information obtained from modern domestic and foreign databases of scientific publications, regulatory and fundamental nature in solving scientific and technical problems.
  • Is able to develop and optimize project documentation in the field of construction with the use of new technologies and to monitor the performance of work.
  • Knows the tasks and goals of research in construction . Knows how to choose methods of research in construction. Owns the methodology of research in construction.
  • Knows the methods of strategic analysis of the management of a construction organization.
  • Is able to create an information model of a construction object, export the analytical part of the model to calculation complexes, and organize a collective one. work on the project.
  • Knows the methodology for determining the estimated cost of construction on the territory of the Russian Federation, the composition of the state regulatory framework for pricing in construction. Has the skills of conducting price and technical expertise and issuing an expert opinion
  • Have practical skills in the development, implementation and effective management of investment and construction projects.
  • Knows methods and approaches for solving technological problems when using new technologies.
  • Is able to analyze financial statements and make a financial forecast for the development of the organization; assess risks, profitability and effectiveness of financial and investment decisions.

Career opportunities

Training according to the program: "New technologies in design, construction and pricing", provides employment opportunities in regional administrations: the Department of Finance, the Department of Economics, etc., as well as in research organizations, construction firms, specialized secondary and higher educational institutions, analytical departments of institutions and organizations. The acquired knowledge and practical skills will allow graduates to independently organize a business in the field of construction.


Program academic supervisor

Fees and funding

194 200 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Applicants take a computer entrance exam in Russian language.

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