09.04.02 Information systems and technology

Big Data Analytics and Artificial Intelligence

2 years

About the program

Within this program you'll gain the skills you need to translate data into real business solutions. You’ll learn how to use data mining tools and Big Data applications, as well as critical data analysis software.
The program provides with a strong conceptual and theoretical understanding of Big Data analytics supplied with Artificial Intelligence methods such as Machine or Deep Learning and Artificial Neural Networks. You’ll gain the essential skills and confidence required to apply and produce knowledge and understanding of issues surrounding applied AI with Big Data analytics in a range of contexts.
How is our world influenced by Big Data? How are big enterprises or small business represented in Big Data? This program will enable you, whatever your disciplinary background, to understand and act in a society transformed by data, networks and computation and develop a range of interdisciplinary capacities.
MSc program is delivered through a combination of lectures, tutorials, and seminars. Lectures are often supported by individual and group project work through the use of software tools. Student performance is assessed by written exams, tests, coursework, and a final project.

Learning outcomes

  • Core knowledge in statistical modelling and programming for data-driven careers;
  • An extensive understanding of the relationship between Big Data technology and business;
  • Focus your learning curve on understanding the heart of Artificial Intelligence algorithms;
  • Sharpen your applied mathematics for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence;
  • Combine science and technology in application courses and projects requiring both, for dealing with industry-grade Data Science;
  • Get awareness of IT project management and the legal consequences of data handling, with a pinch of ethical thinking regarding the consequences of mining Big Data;
  • Practical and critical application of these techniques to cutting-edge methods across the data spectrum.

Career opportunities

The MSc program will equip students with the knowledge and practical skills in Data Science and analytics from the foundations of Data Science, Data Mining, Machine Learning, to Big Data analytics.
This degree responds directly to the growing demand across research fields and by employers in society for a new generation of postgraduates who can critically engage with Big Data theoretically, methodologically and practically.
Successful graduates may pursue a career as a data scientist or data engineer, data analytics consultant, digital marketing manager across a wide range of sectors.
Once the classes are finished, our Big Data Analytics and AI students usually gain industrial experience, generally, in the form of an internship. They also go on to work on a PhD at schools including highly demanded universities in Russia and Europe.

Program academic supervisor

Teaching staff

Associate Professor, Head of the Center: Data Analysis and Data Governance Center
Deputy Director for Foreign Affairs: School of Information Technology and Data Science
Associate Professor: Laboratory of Network Systems and IT Infrastructure

Fees and funding

245 000 ₽
Per year

Entrance exams

Computer test in Information Technology.

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