Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Lab

The Educational and Scientific Laboratory of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning was established in October 2019 as a structural unit of the School of Information Technologies and Data Analysis. The creation of the Laboratory was initiated by the intensive development of artificial intelligence technologies and their high efficiency for real business tasks. This has led to an increased demand for specialists in the labor market. The purpose of the Laboratory: the development of artificial intelligence technologies and their use in the educational process, research and applied activities of IRNITU. The priority areas for the development of the Laboratory are: Development and implementation of educational programs in Artificial IntelligenceI (AI); conducting scientific research in the field of AI; etc.

Key personnel

Educational programs

Training period
Training period
2 years

Research projects

  • Development of a monitoring system for forest fires using artificial intelligence technologies
  • Development of an online proctoring system using neural networks
  • Development of a computer vision system for monitoring and controlling road transportBiometric identification of a user by face in a remote mode of operation using artificial intelligence
  • Analysis of high-risk situations at production using artificial intelligence methods
  • Deep Learning Methods for Classification of Road Defects
  • The Application of Artificial Intelligence for the Identification of Relevant Forensic Information Among Video Surveillance System Data
  • The Power of Modern Digital Technologies for the Specialist Training in Artificial Intelligence

New releases

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