International Baikal Winter University of Urban Planning Design

It is the only international annual workshop on urbanistics and a unique educational project platform in Russia. Its program is an original model of training young specialists of various specialties related to urban development, based on the long-term experience of Les Ateliers internationaux de ma?trise d'oeuvre urbaine de Cergy Pontoise - International Urban Planning Workshops of Cergy-Pontoise (France).

Key personnel

Research projects

  • The restoration of the historical Centre of Irkutsk
  • The City and Water
  • The Gates to the Baikal
  • The Science and University in the City
  • Angarsk is a new city. The Problems of the Sustainable Development
  • Tourism in Irkutsk and at the Baikal
  • Transport Interchange as City Centers of Activity

New releases

Government of the Irkutsk region
The Government of the Irkutsk region is a state executive authority. It consists of branch bodies, departments, committees, administrations and inspections. The Government of the region prepares draft decrees, orders, and other documents. Supervises the execution of decrees and orders of the governor.
Union of Architects of Russia
It is a creative consolidation of professionals in the field of architecture, town planning, and protection of cultural heritage and studying of architecture.
The union of architects of Russia" includes 100 regional departments and 8 Interregional associations of the organizations of the Union of Architects.
Journal «Project Baikal»
Project Baikal is a journal that focuses on architecture, urbanism, design, heritage and landscape. The journal publishes the works at the intersection of architecture, sociology and history. Contributing authors are prominent architects from Russia's Asian-Pacific region, leading experts and scholars from Europe and around the world.
Les Ateliers internationaux de maîtrise d’oeuvre urbaine de Cergy Pontoise (France)
A non profit- organization since 1982, Les Ateliers – International workshops of planning and urban design – aims to develop the collective creation of ideas that tackle the challenges and processes of everyday city planning and design by promoting a process of collective and multidisciplinary work that produces innovative and illustrative proposals relating to urban design and spatial development.