Valentina Tishkina, a specialist of INRTU Career Center, presented the employment prospects for INRTU students at the forum in Tomsk

The forum was organized by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation with the support of «Sber» and career platform «Facultus». The event was a part of the accelerator program of Career Centers transformation.

Over 70 participants of the session discussed successful employer search strategies and mistakes that graduates make when hiring.

Within the meeting Valentina Tishkina, a specialist of INRTU Career Center, studied the tools of social networking, joint projects of universities and government structures.

Participants of the meeting were interested in INRTU integrated approach to working with the industrial sector.

«INRTU students study within corporate programs of the leading enterprises in Russia, they improve not only professional, but also personal skills. This increases the graduates competitiveness in the labor market.

We regularly organize meetings with potential employers for INRTU students. The students can choose a job that corresponds to their experience and needs. They can apply directly to the Human Resources Department.

According to the results of 2021, 94% of graduates are employed. They work in such companies as «En+ Group», «Angarsk Petrochemical Company», «Pharmasintez», etc. Specialists in power engineering, mechanical engineering and subsurface resource management are in most demand», emphasized Valentina Tishkina.

In October this year there will be eight project - analytical sessions attended by more than 500 people. The final discussion will be held in November at «SberUniversity».