Students from INRTU and MISIS became «Baikal Tech Com - 2022» leaders

The workshop lasted from 17 till 24 September. The event united 46 students of INRTU, Irkutsk State Transport University (IrGUPS), Irkutsk aviation technical school (IATS), University of science and technology MISIS (Moscow), Buryat State University (Ulan-Ude) and pupils from Baikal Sport Programming Center.

Future IT specialists solved different contest tasks focusing on the methods and algorithms of software creation.

At the awards ceremony the participants were welcomed by INRTU Professor of Practice, Director of Innovation and Work with Educational Institutions of the «Forus» Group of Companies Andrey Kanter.

Victor Filatov, a first-year student of the School of Power Engineering, was recognized as the strongest participant at the Junior division:

«I got interested in programming when I was a kid. When I realized that IT is in demand, I started to study the subject more deeply. I entered INRTU following the advice of my parents who are INRTU graduates.

The «Baikal Tech Com - 2022» training camp was my first experience of taking part in the sport programming event. Lectures about classical algorithms, especially approaches to solving them interested me very much. I learned a lot about such approaches as root decomposition, dividing objects into simple and complex, storing and working with graphs, vertex traversal, binary search».

The winner in the Senior group was a student Shakir Bikmetov. He masters applied mathematics at MISIS.

MISIS students Roman Shabayev and Sergey Panin shared their impressions.

«The schedule was tight and intense. This kept me on point. The experience and knowledge gained in Irkutsk will help me at the Olympiads and championships, including ICPC», said bronze medalist Roman Shabayev.

Moscow students were impressed by the cultural program. INRTU organized an excursion to the architectural and ethnographic museum «Taltsy» and a trip to Listvyanka village on the shore of Lake Baikal.

According to Kirill Tirskikh, an organizer of the training camp and head of the programming section at INRTU, the camp offers great opportunities. Schoolchildren may prepare for competitions and examinations, while students can get internships in leading IT companies such as «Yandex» or «Tinkoff».

 Next year INRTU plans to expand the geography of «Baikal Tech Com» participants. It is expected that students from Kazan, Yekaterinburg, Vladivostok as well as students from IT clubs of the Irkutsk region will join the project.