The University delegation takes part in “Technoprom” forum in Novosibirsk

The INRTU delegation is taking part in the 10th International Forum of Technological Development "Technoprom-2023". The event takes place on August 22-25 in Novosibirsk. INRTU students share their research experience in machine vision, get acquainted with brands in robotics and the nuclear industry

“Technoprom” (International Forum and Exhibition of Technological Development) brought together almost 28 thousand participants from 40 countries, including China, Brazil, Vietnam, Iran, African and CIS countries. The program of the event included an exhibition of technological development, panel sessions and discussions, and plenary sessions.

The delegation of INRTU consisting of 11 people is headed by the Vice-rector for Academic Affairs Vladimir Smirnov. The university was presented by university staff, students, authors of startups and breakthrough technological projects.

The report was given by Vladimir Mironenko, associate professor of, an employee of the Laboratory of Network Systems and IT Infrastructure of INRTU. He spoke about the use of machine vision in the preparation of production. He was invited to the discussion"IT products for business, city and industry".

According to Vladimir, computer vision is one of the fastest growing industries in digital area. This is one of the most promising methods of automating actions using PCs and robotics, since they are much cheaper and simpler (in terms of implementation) than all other AI technologies.

Under Vladimir Mironenko’s supervision, projects in high-quality flaw detection, measurement of parts, deformations and stresses have been implemented. Stability assessment was performed using Shewhart cards for Irkutsk Aircraft plant. All this was done with machine vision.

Vladimir also presented the achievements of his scientific club. More than 30 students are engaged in the community, specializing in solving applied vision problems for the industry, science and medicine. In addition, Vladimir Mironenko visited educational and scientific sites on data management, the development of the national system of hybrid learning, the introduction of artificial intelligence in education, etc.

Mikhail Vasiliev, a student of the Department of Metallurgy of Non-ferrous Metals, an activist of the SNO "Carbon", visited the forum. He said that in the first days of the event he managed to visit the sites of “Rosatom”(State Nuclear Energy Corporation), and the Archipelago-2030 design and educational intensive course.

"The greatest interest was aroused by reports on the nuclear project 2.0 on thermonuclear fusion, closed nuclear cycle and nuclear medicine",- the student said

Nuclear energy is one of the main scientific interests of Mikhail. Under Professor Nikolai Konovalov’s supervision, he is engaged in research in the field of thermonuclear fusion. In the summer, he completed internship at the Kurchatov Institute in St. Petersburg.

Vladislav Byankin, a master's student of School of Information Technology and Data Science, also went to Technoprom. He is known as the winner of numerous conferences and co-author of a project to create a portable device for tracking locations. He received 1 million rublesfor this project according to the results of the All-Russian competition "Student Startup".

Vladislav speaks enthusiastically about the technology exhibition, emphasizing the variety of exhibits and spectacular locations.

"Drones of various purposes are presented here – from geodesic to agricultural. Robotics and machine vision championships are held on the basis of the exhibition. The Novosibirsk State Technical University (NSTU) has equipped with an arena for machines that will soon take part in the "Battle of Robots" Championship. Preparing for the competition, they break boxes every day, as well as large electronics devices, such as microwaves and televisions. In general, the forum program is very rich. Most of all, I liked the events about machine tool construction, the Smart City strategy, the cooperation of engineers and entrepreneurs in the construction of the economy of a new formation",- Vladislav shared his impressions.

Governor Igor Kobzev took part in the work of Technoprom-2023. An agreement between the project office of the REC "Baikal" and the National Association for Technology Transfer was signed at the forum. The document is intended to establish cooperation on the development of a high-tech economy in the Angara region. The agreement was signed by the Executive Director of the Association Alexey Filimonov and the Director of the Fund for Strategic and Innovative Development of the Irkutsk Region, adviser to INRTU Evgeniy Semenov.