The Ethnobit Ethnic Percussion Studio Celebrated 15th Anniversary of Its Work in INRTU

The Ethnobit ethnic percussion studio has been around for 17 years, 15 of which the drummers have been bound to INRTU. For 15 years now INRTU students have been beating rhythms in the Ethnobit headed by the university’s alumna, Natalia Vlasevskaya.

As a welcome guest at their home university, the INRTU drummers' team regularly takes part in festive programs around Irkutsk and the region. The studio is a laureate and grand-prize winner of Russia- and overseas-held various contests and festivals. On November 24, the Ethnobit studio celebrated its 15th anniversary-collaboration with INRTU at the university assembly hall by the Ringing Together concert

Overall, the concert was not merely about music - it felt like an emotional journey, too. The musicians perfectly used melodies to express the diversity of cultures - from harmonious Japanese compositions to fervent Arabic rhythms. They shared their energy, filling every note with joy.

The studio head Natalia Vlasevskaya pointed out that within the anniversary concert some music pieces were performed for the first time.

Natalya Vlasevskaya congratulated the studio soloist Andrei Martsenyuk on winning the regional grant competition of projects in youth policy and handed over a grant certificate. The student realizes a socially relevant project under the I Hear the World school for the hearing-impaired persons.

The show went on with the thrilling and mesmerizing Heart of Baikal composition. The dancers of the INRTU STEPS School of Modern Choreography visualized the illusion of tiding waves smoothly followed by the magic silver fish embodied by Elena Orlova - the head of the Art - Graphics studio of plastic improvisation.

The audience was enthusiastic about interacting with the performers, following their improvisations. INRTU students supported the rhythm by clapping their hands.

Natalia Vlasevskaya expressed her gratitude to all the participants of the concert:

"I thank the entire studio team! Special thanks to the creative teams of INRTU and the concert's guests - these are the Etnobit's leavers who still keep in touch with the team, the Art-Graphics studio of plastic improvisation, the Steps children's group, the actors of the Predmestye theater - Sergey Travnikov and Victor Filatov, the musicians of the JAM band and the whole team of the Center for Cultural and Educational work."

On November 27, the Ethnobit and the I Hear the World project’s participants left for St. Petersburg for the Percussion Wave 10th International Competition.

INFORMATION: Over the years, the Etnobit has held more than 40 solo concerts. The studio twice entered the "Book of Records of the Irkutsk Region" - for the first composition performed on the Baikal ice and for organizing the Music of Baikal ice hummock festival.

The studio repertoire includes ethnic compositions of different nations across the globe, including those in Arabic, African, Japanese and Spanish styles, as well as World Fusion. The repertoire is constantly updated, creative capacities are expanded by learning new skills, attending master classes, interacting with other creative bands and adding choreographic and theatrical elements.