INRTU Students Participated in the 10th Ningbo International Students Festival (China)

The International Student Festival was held for the tenth time in Ningbo (Zhejiang Province, China). Irkutsk national research technical university was represented at the event by third-year students of the Institute of Economics, Law and Management Arina Danilova and Lyubov Tambaleeva.

The forum was held at the Zhejiang Wanli University. This year's theme is "Heritage".

According to the INRTU International Exchange Office, the goal of the event is to build a bridge of friendship between young people from all over the world, strengthen international academic and cultural exchanges of students and exchange experiences in the atmosphere of traditional Chinese culture.

Arina Danilova and Lyubov Tambaleeva, who major in international economics and business at INRTU, got acquainted with the eastern culture of the southern city of the Middle Kingdom. The bright opening ceremony, performances of student groups with songs and dances, Chinese opera and skillful Chinese painting left pleasant memories of participation in the festival.

Students also took part in master classes on Chinese medicine in one of the city clinics in Ningbo and the preparation of traditional sweets.

During the festival, they were able to watch theatrical performances, attend excursions about the history and culture of Ningbo and Zhejiang province, visit one of the largest ports in the world, try local cuisine, and also take part in a series of colorful events - a tour of traditional dramatic and operatic arts, a competition for knowledge of Chinese language.

Lyubov Tambaleeva shares her impressions: 

“I am very glad that I had the opportunity to visit this amazing city of Ningbo in China . The organizers received us warmly and treated us with special care and attention. Each of the five days of the festival was densely packed with various events. We visited museums, visited the largest port and the main building of the ministry of Ningbo. The baking master class was interesting. We maked new foreign friends.” 

Arina Danilova notes that she will remember Zhejiang Wanli University for a long time:

 “I am very proud that we had the opportunity to become participants in an international festival in China. I was amazed by the facilities of Zhejiang University, from classrooms to the canteen and dormitory. The city of Ningbo made an indelible impression with its scale, modernity and dynamism. There is a rich culture here, the people carefully preserve centuries-old traditions, and at the same time, the powerful technical progress of the nation is visible. And all this harmoniously complements each other. We are very grateful to the people who accompanied us at the festival.I am also very grateful to INRTU for the opportunity to get acquainted and immerse myself in Chinese culture.”

REFERENCE: Ningbo is a city located in the northeast of Zhejiang Province in China. It is one of the significant industrial, trade, financial and logistics centers of Eastern China. Zhejiang Wanli University is a private university in Ningbo. The university has 9 faculties, including the Business School, the Faculty of Law, the Faculty of Design and Architecture, the Faculty of Electronic and Information Engineering, and the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology.