Teachers from Irkutsk region study Varwin Education VR-constructor at INRTU

Irkutsk National Research Technical University has organized a course on the implementation of VR-technologies in education for teachers of Irkutsk schools. The lecturers are Alexey Govorkov, Director of School of Information Technology and Data Science, and Alexander Pikulev, Project Manager of Varwin Education.

The initiators of the project are Irkutsk Technical University, Varwin company and "Zeon company".

The classes include lectures and practical classes. During four days (January 17-20) four groups of teachers will take the courses.

The aim of the training is virtual technologies popularization in education by presenting Varwin Education software product and its implementation in the educational process of Irkutsk schools".

Varwin company - is a resident of the Skolkovo Foundation -which specializes in the development of B2B solutions using the author's VR-constructor. The organization creates projects in the interests of industrial enterprises, marketing, retail and other areas.

Varwin Education's functionality allows you to master the principles of visual programming. The software product does not require any special hardware and attracts users by its accessibility and user-friendly interface.

The first two groups were successfully completed training under the guidance of Varwin Education representative Alexander Pikulev. At the start of the classes, the students were introduced to VR technologies, and learned how they differ from augmented reality (AR) technologies.

The participants studied VR equipment, virtual content management system and software for creating VR solutions. In practice, teachers created their first projects using virtual technologies. The participants were interested in arranging the planets of the solar system within the program, and then tested the content using special glasses and joysticks.

"Using Varwin Education in schools will increase digital competencies among students and teachers. The basic fundamentals of programming and virtual technology will help provide interactive lessons.

The relevance of VR is confirmed at the federal level - the technology is cross-cutting in the national projects "Digital Economy" and "Education". The amount of jobs for vr-specialists increases every year. Employers are ready to pay such employees more than 140 thousand rubles," said Alexander Pikulev.

Natalya Savekina, a biology teacher from Irkutsk School №33, was interested in the courses. The pedagogue reported that the school has vr equipment at its disposal, but at present it is not used in the educational process:

"Thanks to the educational project, we gained basic competencies and learned a lot of new concepts.

Varwin Education liked the wide functionality and ease of use. In the future, we intend to develop lessons using modern tools. It will be useful for teachers' self-development and interesting for students".

Alexey Govorkov, Head of School of Information Technology and Data Science, will hold a class on January 19-20. According to his information, INRTU got introduced to Varwin Education last year:

"We purchased 16 licenses as part of the Priority 2030 Program. The software product is attractive because it allows users who do not have programming skills to create high-quality content."

In 2022, Varwin CEO Sergey Gostevskikh awarded Alexey Govorkov with a diploma for his active use and implementation of VR projects at Varwin Education.