Second year-student Natalia Adushinova and her successful completion of an internship at Changwon National University

Natalia Adushinova, a School of High Technologies' sophomore, has completed a one-year internship at Changwon National University (Republic of Korea). The student mastered in reading, writing and speaking in Korean, receiving positive results for the final exams.

As previously reported, in INRTU Natalia Adushinova’s major is Food processing technology of vegetative raw materials. She is very interested in Korean culture.
INRTU International Office Specialists, which are in charge of academic mobility and student exchange, offered Natalia to btake part in academic exchange program. They promptly resolved organizational issues and prepared the necessary documents.
During the internship, in addition to basic skills, including reading, speaking and writing, Natalia gained experience in public speaking in Korean, learned how to properly prepare a presentation.

"The first month of training involved the process of adaptation – we got acquainted with the university, teachers, got used to Korean food. Thanks to the goodwill of the foreign university’ staff, this period passed easily. It also helped me that I started learning Korean back in Irkutsk, so I quickly overcame the language barrier.
I’ve been studying in the group with the students from Mongolia and Vietnam. We often did collective work, but the assessment was influenced by the individual participation of each student. During the training period, I’ve prepared three presentations  and  talked about Russian culture, compared it with the traditions of Asian countries,"

"I have learned a lot about this country. For example, in South Korea, they tend to respect personal boundaries - even in joint photos, Koreans stand at a certain distance from each other.

The final result in each discipline studied at a Korean university was influenced by homework, attendance and exam score. Transferring to the Russian assessment system, Natalia completed two semesters in South Korea with "good" and "excellent".

The internship at Changwon National University helped the Polytechnic student to improve her Korean language skills, broaden her horizons, and make new friends.

The older generation respects and is proud of the hobbies of young people. K-pop culture is very popular in the Republic. This is a musical genre that has become known all over the world and has turned into a large-scale subculture," the student added.

During the holidays Natalia Adushinova managed to get acquainted with the sights of Seoul, Jeju and Husan. She also watched the cherry blossoms, visited the Buddhist Temple of Haedong Yengunsa, built in a rock on the east coast of Busan.
Currently, the student has come out of academic leave. The sophomore plans to engage in scientific activities and take part in a dual degree program.
In addition, Natalia intends to improve her knowledge of the Korean language. She will read mankhwa (Korean comics), listen to radio and TV programs in a foreign language, and communicate with native speakers.

Photo by Natalia Adushinova