Prospects of cooperation: meeting with representatives of the Mongolian Association of Russian Institutions

It has been 95 years since the beginning of the training of Mongolian students in Irkutsk universities. Mikhail Kornyakov, rector of INRTU, took part in a meeting that the Rectors Council of the Irkutsk region organized with representatives of the Mongolian Association of Soviet/Russian Educational Institutions.

Andrey Khomenko, Chairman of the Rectors Council, stressed that the purpose of the meeting is to exchange proposals for further cooperation. He thanked the Mongolian Alumni Association and expressed hope for the expansion of Russian-Mongolian relations.

"We live nearby and develop good-neighborly relations. The Irkutsk Region is grateful to Mongolia for its help during a serious flood. You provided practical assistance to the population of our region — a lot of money and humanitarian aid have been collected, children from the affected areas have rested in summer camps in Mongolia.
We are also grateful for the solidarity during the Victory Day celebrations and the organization of a large-scale march of the Immortal Regiment.

The Rectors Council of the Irkutsk Region is committed to positive cooperation with Mongolian colleagues," Andrei Khomenko said.

The Mongolian delegation was headed by the Vice-President of the Association of Soviet/Russian Educational Institutions Dorzhpalam Tsogzolmaa.

«Thank you so much for the warm welcome. Graduates of Irkutsk universities are nostalgic for their student days. It is always a great joy for us when Irkutsk residents come to Mongolia — we accept them as relatives. For 95 years since the beginning of the training of Mongolian citizens in Irkutsk, about 17 thousand people have received higher education.

And for the first time 15 Mongolian girls went to study in Russia in 1922. They entered the University of the Workers of the East. Graduates of this university who have mastered various specialties began active participating in the popularization of the Russian language and Russian culture in Mongolia. In general, 70 thousand people have graduated from Russian universities in 100 years," Dorzhpalam Tsogzolmaa said.

Mikhail Kornyakov, INRTU Rector,  recalled that in November-2021, a delegation of the Rectors Council of the Irkutsk region took part in events dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Russia and Mongolia and the 95th anniversary of the first training of Mongolian youth in Irkutsk. A special event "Thank you, ALMA MATER!» was organized in Ulaanbaatar.

«The visit was productive — a lot of ideas and joint projects appeared. Director of the Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Academy of Sciences of Mongolia Damberel Sodnomsambu proposed to organize a scientific and educational point on Lake Khubsugul, which would contribute to the study of the lake.
INRTU is interested in conducting joint research activities and can already submit a small report. In early May, employees of Irkutsk Polytechnic University, Irkutsk State University and SB RAS held a seminar in Mongolia. Mongolian colleagues became interested in the Digital Baikal project. It was proposed to develop a similar project „Digital Hubsugul“.
During the visit, we also discussed the possibility of training specialists in INRTU and providing scientific and technological support for the gas pipeline that will pass through the territory of Mongolia.

An agreement has been reached with the Mongolian Student Sports Federation and volleyball teams will arrive in Irkutsk in October. We invite young people from Mongolia to join Irkutsk universities excursions. The retaliatory step is friendly volleyball matches in Mongolia for Irkutsk teams," Mikhail Kornyakov said.

Since 1961 INRTU has trained more than 1,500 geologists, miners, power engineers and other highly qualified specialists for Mongolia. Mongolian scientists defended about 30 candidate’s and more than 10 doctoral dissertations with the involvement of INRTUteachers and professors. Many graduates have become prominent politicians and heads of large enterprises. Shagdaryn Otgonbileg (1952–2001) is one of the famous graduates of the University; he is a member of the Parliament of Mongolia, Hero of Labor, the first Mongolian general director of the copper-molybdenum GOK „Erdenet“. Mining engineer-surveyor from INRTU brought the plant to the international level. Now the Mongolian Institute of Technology, a branch of "Erdenet", bears his name.