INRTU Students Became Leaders in the Beginners League of the International Hackathon "Digital Breakthrough. Season: Artificial Intelligence"

INRTU students won the Beginners league of the International hackathon "Digital Breakthrough. Season: Artificial Intelligence". The intellectual tournament with over two thousand participants was held in Moscow on November 23-26.

The hackathon is organized by the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia and operated by the ANO Russia - the Country of Opportunities. The IT competition is implemented under the Artificial Intelligence federal project within the Digital Economy of the Russian Federation national program.

At the tournament, the participants had to solve a time-limited business problem using artificial intelligence technologies. The cases were developed by the Skoltech Center for Applied Artificial Intelligence, Promobot LLC, Rutube video hosting, Rosatom State Corporation, the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, and other large organizations.

INRTU was represented by participants of the IT Academy - the University and En+ Holding joint program - Valery Bobrov, Sergey Alkhimov and Alexey Pervykh, the program's graduate, currently an INRTU Master's degree student. Students Pavel Naumov and Yegor Yurkovsky also took part in the IT competitions.

To solve the business problem, the team used intelligent algorithms for information processing. The INRTU students managed to create a working prototype that promptly responds to the video hosting users' requests.

The smart team roles distribution and additional training secured the successful debut by INRTU students. For example, Valery Bobrov, Sergey Alkhimov and Alexey Pervykh received training from leading IT providers within the IT Academy. Egor Yurkovsky and Pavel Naumov have been university hackathons' prize-winners more than once.

For the victory in the Beginners league the INRTU students were presented with the Digital Breakthrough hackathon merchandise and Rutube branded products. In addition, the University students won a tour under the program "More than a Trip".


IT Academy is aimed at additional training of students specializing in information technologies for INRTU-, Siberian Federal University-, Bratsk State University- and Irkutsk State University-based UC RUSAL and En+. The project provides for an enhanced specialized training program formed with the help of the companies' expert representatives. The program is implemented with the organizational support of ANO DPO Corporate University.

Photo by Valery Bobrov