Siberia - the Territory of Peace and Harmony Festival: Results of the Dormitories' Competition

On November 29, at the INRTU assembly hall, the winners of the My Multinational Friendship dormitories' competition were announced. A total of 12 campus dormitories took part in the contest. The month-long event at INRTU was completed by the Siberia - the Territory of Peace and Harmony National Cultures Festival that overall brought together more than 1500 multinational students.

The contest presentations were shown by students in different styles. Vivid and colorful, they reflected the multinational history of dormitories.

First rated the 12th B, G dormitory team who was awarded INRTU souvenirs and Huawei certificate. The 1st and11th dorms-shared second place brought the students certificates for the weekend gazebo in the Polytechnic camp. The 7th dormitory team came third and thus got the opportunity to visit the Physical Education and Health Study Center gym free of charge.

Sergey Anosov, Vice-Rector for Campus and Corporate Management, noted that this large-scale festival was first launched 12 years ago from the Nations Day celebration in the 12th dormitory, mostly occupied by international students:

"Today we see that international students reside in most INRTU dormitories. With time, the festival keeps being massive within our educational work. I always look at you with great delight and see that you are enjoying sharing your homeland culture. You really love demonstrating your national costumes and presenting the multinational world in our university.

In addition, I'd like to say special thanks to our organizers. For 12 years now, the campus management together with INRTU administrative departments and the Center for Cultural and Educational work have been helping students to reveal their creative potential."

Freshmen Danila Zaitsev from the School of Power Engineering and Ksenia Pezek from the School of Economics, Management and Law were the hosts of the My Multinational Friendship competition.

The jury headed by Tatyana Dashko, head of the Center for Cultural and Educational Work, consisted of - Anton Koshkin, deputy chairman of INRTU Student's Union, Roman Grinyuk, head of campus management, Svetlana Bani-Melhem, deputy head of campus management for educational work, Anastasia Pshennikova, specialist in the campus educational work.

The experts evaluated the presentations according to the following criteria: the topic revealing, content originality, stage culture, artistic skills and diversity of genres.

Each team had five minutes to creatively present the students' dormitory-routine. The audience supported the participants with great ovation.

The contest winner, 12th B, G dormitory team, adapted the plot of the famous One Piece anime. The story goes about the hero-pirate intending to go on a voyage to find treasure. For his expedition, he gathers a multinational team. The first country was "the cold but beautiful Russia" that greeted the hero with a Russian dance. The adventurer's route proceeded to China - a country with centuries-old traditions, further on the course was Africa which inhabitants' dances can melt even the ice. And when the ship reached the desired destination on the map, the hero realized that the main treasure is the peoples' friendship.

The Privet, Bonjour, Hello! Festival laureate - the BRICS student from Indonesia Simbiak Ruben Romario Ratu performed the Saga theme ("I Will Never Forget You") from the famous Juno and Avos rock opera.

In the end each team got a large sweet cake baked by the University's Catering Center staff.