INRTU staff member Sergey Zakarchevskiy won the Rector's Tennis Cup

Sergey Zakarchevsky, INRTU postgraduate student, won INRTU Rector's Tennis Cup. Associate Professor Dmitry Aleynikov took the second place, the third place went to Alexey Kalyagin, thestudent of School of Power Engineering. Rector Mikhail Korniakov awarded the winners on September 14 on the outdoor tennis court of the campus.

According to the coach Arkady Lebedev, employees and students participated in the 9-game tournament. They were distributed according to the Olympic system by drawing lots.

The finals were followed by demonstration performances. Sergey Zakarchevsky and Mikhail Korniakov were leading 4:2 against the opposing team consisting of Alexey Zvezdin, Deputy Head of Planning, Accounting and Audit Department of the Contract Manager, and Dmitry Aleynikov, an Associate Professor of the Institute of Aircraft Machine Building and Transportation.

Mikhail Korniakov congratulated the players on a bright and fast-paced match. He noted that this is the first major sporting event in the new academic year. The rector expressed hope that this sunny September day will charge INRTU students with energy and set a direction for achievements in all life endeavors.

Mikhail Korniakov got interested in tennis about 10 years ago and is being trained under the guidance of Arkady Lebedev.

Sergey Zakarchevsky at the end of the Cup was the best with a score of 6:3. As the winner noted, he was especially happy to see new faces among the players:

"It means that big tennis is developing. The interest is growing among young people and adults. Strategy, rather than strength, sometimes decides a lot here. Sometimes athletes with great physical abilities are losing to those with a stronger mind and better logic. Here lies the uniqueness and charm of tennis, a sport that develops the intellect and the body.

In the summer of 2023, I played and practiced a lot on the INRTU campus. Today, at the end of the season, I met again on the court with the rector. It's nice to see Mikhail Viktorovich improving his game, inspiring others to play sports and live a healthy life by his example".

Sergey has been playing tennis since he was seven years old and started to train professionally in his home country of Uzbekistan. When he entered the School of Power Engineering of INRTU in 2012, he continued his training as a hobby. Currently Sergey Zakarchevsky is studying at the postgraduate program of the School of High Technologies. His specialization is research in the field of bio- and nanotechnologies. He combines science with his work in the Center for Cultural, Mass and Educational Work.

Silver winner Dmitry Aleynikov is an Associate Professor at the Department of Technology and Equipment of Machine-Building Production. He first picked up a racket at the age of 11, participated in local tournaments and won prizes. Today tennis is his hobby, which helps him to keep fit and distract from daily routine. Dmitry "keeps his finger on the pulse" and follows the news of world and Russian tennis. He looks up to his idol Daniil Medvedev, who is confidently in the top 3 of the ATP rating (Association of Tennis Professionals).

Dmitry Aleynikov does not hide his smile and positive emotions when he talks about the past Cup:

"It was interesting to play in the final with Mikhail Viktorovich and Alexey Vladislavovich. Both played decently, and most importantly - did not succumb to more experienced opponents".

The Rector's Cup ended the season of street tennis games. In the near future trainings and competitions will be held on indoor city courts. The average cost of training is from three thousand rubles per month. Those wishing to enroll in the section can contact the coach Arkady Georgievich Lebedev at +7(914)899-26-29.

Photo by Arseny Chekmaryov