INRTU hosted the International Scientific School of Linguists

On September 11-14, INRTU hosted the 43rd International Autumn Scientific School "Fundamentals of World Consciousness in the Cognitive Aspect". Professionals from Russia, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Kyrgyzstan, Turkey, India and China were interested in the project organized in full-time and online formats.

The School was initiated by the Department of Advertising and Journalism of INRTU and the International Humanitarian University named after P. P. Semyonov – Tyan-Shansky (St. Petersburg, Russia). The program of the event included lectures by famous philologists, workshops on poetry and photography.

Rector of the International Humanities University, Professor Marina Pimenova said that linguists' conferences are popular among CIS countries. The project has been functioning successfully since 2006 for professional development of teachers of Russian and foreign languages, translation and translation studies, linguoculturalists, literature teachers.

"Here we discuss topical cognitive linguistic issues, the semantic load of language. In my speech I referred to folklore, the images of Baba-Yaga, Ded Moroz, Koschei well-known from childhood. Through these images the traditions and values of the traditions and values specific to the Russian people are cognized, the richness of the language is revealed.

The philological component is important in journalistic work. Masters of words need to use not only professional terminology, but also the lexical possibilities of the language - those metaphors that have been erased. By the example of fairy tales, young people learn to take a conscious approach to work and life," said Marina Pimenova.

The professor gifted books on cognitive linguistics to her Irkutsk colleagues and students. One of the latest editions Marina Pimenova wrote in cooperation with Valentina Maslova, professor of P.M. Masherov Vitebsk State University (Belarus).

Julia Vairakh, Head of the INRTU Advertising and Journalism Department, has been working at the St. Petersburg-Kemerovo School of Conceptual Studies (supervisor - Marina Pimenova) since 2011. She first met cognitive scientists at the cognitive school in Karachay-Cherkessia. Now Julia Vairakh is writing her doctoral dissertation in the field of conceptual research. She announced the results of her macroconcept study at a conference at the Fall School.

"The research is devoted to the macroconcept "genus", underlying such concepts as people, nature, parents, birth, homeland. There are more than 500 words that include the root "genus" in the structure of mental formation. To decipher conceptual, motivational, symbolic features I work with dictionaries published before the 19th century in Old Slavonic. In addition, there is a need to study collections of regional lexemes of folk content. This is a voluminous work to describe the cognitive attributes of a macro-concept", - said Julia Vairakh.

According to her, future journalists were interested in the School's reports. By attending conferences, students improve their scientific communication skills, learn to work with information effectively.

"In today's world, proficiency in scientific communication affects a person's success because it involves communicating with the professoriate and updating the knowledge one already has. We give students such an opportunity by introducing them to the first ranks of philological science. By studying the recognized scientists' works, journalism students perceive language not as a university discipline, but as a professional tool that penetrates and determines people's consciousness. In the future it will help our graduates formulate their thoughts better", - added Julia Vairakh.

Materials of the 43rd International Autumn Scientific School "Fundamentals of World Consciousness in the Cognitive Aspect" will be published in the collection. It is planned to issue monographs with the participation of INRTU Department of Advertising and Journalism academics and Irkutsk State University philologists.

Photo by Arseny Chekmaryov